Hell Hath No Fury...

Tuesday, November 23rd, 2021 by Alex Heap

Concrete is heavy, solid, and incredibly robust. It has been and currently is the chosen material to build all types of foundations and structures alike. From residential homes to soaring skyscrapers, concrete is an internationally trusted material that will continue to be used for ages to come. Like everything in the world, though, concrete is not invincible. Concrete requires maintenance, which due to its robust and long-lasting nature, is often overlooked. We are all comfortable with the idea of maintaining our vehicle, so the same concept should be applied to our concrete.  

Almost everything in this universe is a reluctant victim of their environment. Since the beginning of our civilization, human beings have been finding shelter from the cold and rain and innovating techniques to protect us from the sun and heat. The earth will always have an underestimated power over our lives, decisions, and ultimately, our destinies. We are entirely at its mercy, and we are powerless against it. Concrete is no different. The laws of nature and gravity dictate that the ground eventually moves, pushing everything in its path. Similar to mudslides and erosion, you cannot stop the momentum and power of nature. 

Even Superman had a weakness, kryptonite. Frost heave is a common culprit that causes cracking and shifting in concrete floors, foundations, or slabs. Under extremely cold conditions, pockets of water underneath the soil freeze, causing the earth around it to expand and contract. This force gets exerted outward, and when this occurs around concrete, it has no choice but to move with it. Eventually, this shifting and heaving will become noticeable as the voids and gaps in and around the foundation become more significant. The floor surface will begin to crack, lift and dip, creating hazards. Suppose these cracks also persist around the exterior perimeter of the building. In that case, it opens up to the possibility of further damage, as more and more water seeps down the cracks, pooling underneath, starting the Frost Heave process all over again. Don't let frost heave or kryptonite destroy your property. Get a free quote from Canadian Concrete Leveling.

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