Work Requests in Mississauga

Canadian Concrete Leveling is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Mississauga. Learn more about Canadian Concrete Leveling's recent work requests in Mississauga and nearby areas!

Learn more about Canadian Concrete Leveling's recent work requests in Mississauga, ON
Vicinity of Glenwatson Drive in Mississauga
Concrete around pool has sunk and needs repaired. I'd like to get a quote
Vicinity of Capricorn Cres in Mississauga
Sinking and cracked pool deck in certain areas
Vicinity of Ifield Road in Mississauga
Need to lift a sinking concrete slap
Vicinity of Fayette Circle in Mississauga
Front of garage has cracked/sunk looking for estimate for repair.
Vicinity of Forrestdale Circle in Mississauga
Our exposed aggregate walkway has sunk and cracked.
Vicinity of Wrigglesworth Cres. in Mississauga
Looking for estimate to fix some sagging concrete step, can let me know when you come by to have a look
Vicinity of Fallingbrook Drive in Mississauga
Concrete slabs on driveway have sunk in some places. Looking for an estimate to level it.
Vicinity of Yorkminster Cres in Mississauga
Uneven garage floor, it is a 10 years house, that melting snow in wintertime accumulates in certain areas. My question is to level the floor with a clean looking.
Vicinity of Council Ring Road in Mississauga
Repair concrete in backyard.
Vicinity of Dillingwood Dr. in Mississauga
My concrete steps are settling and they are out of level. I was wondering if foam levelling would work
Vicinity of Swiftdale Dr in Mississauga
I had a sunken driveway and step. Please call for more details. Thanks Van
Vicinity of Nutcracker Drive in Mississauga
We have the patio in the back yard that has some major cracks in it and some parts of it has raised approx 1 1/2" causing a tripping hazard. If you can let me know when you may be available to come & have a look and give me a quote.
Vicinity of Columbus Road in Mississauga
My warehouse has some cracks that i will like to get a quote on to fix.
Vicinity of AUGUSTA DRIVE in Mississauga
Concrete on our backyard attached to house is sinking towards the house which leads the flow of water towards the house.We are looking poly level the concrete so that water flows in the grass. Approx area is 200 sq ft
Vicinity of Charnwood Cres in Mississauga
My Garage floor have big low spot and water will stay after rain or snow ,
Vicinity of Bushland Cres in Mississauga
We have a sunken concrete sidewalk, and we would like to fix this instead of replacing the concrete.
Vicinity of Bonham Blvd. in Mississauga
Chipped concrete steps and patio. Would like it fixed.
Vicinity of Prairie Circle in Mississauga
Cracks in the front walk and sinking slab
Vicinity of Goldmar Drive in Mississauga
Landing at the bottom of the front stairs has tilted down,
Vicinity of Truscott Drive in Mississauga
Pool concrete walkway sinking
Vicinity of Vanderbilt Road in Mississauga
Cracks in concrete on patio around pool
Vicinity of Micmac Crescent in Mississauga
I have several areas around my pool with uneven concrete slabs
Vicinity of Minnewawa Road in Mississauga
2 diagonal cracks (near top and bottom 1/3rd height) front corner of concrete block garage by single car garage door, and abutting new house construction next door - which used a soldier pile and lagging shoring system along side of garage. I assume void under garage footing - and wondering whether your system is able to address ie. fill void and lift footing near cracked section.
Vicinity of Birch Cres in Mississauga
Hi, We have a concrete pool deck that is settling. This is causing some cracking as well as creating some gaps between the decking and the pool rim. We'd like to learn more about how to fix it. Kevin
Vicinity of Beechknoll Avenue in Mississauga
Looking to get a quote to level concrete slabs on one side of our pool
Vicinity of Sunnycove Drive in Mississauga
Hello, My garage slab needs jacking. Settled by an inch. Please contact me for repair services. Best regards Alex
Vicinity of Dunray Ct. in Mississauga
I have an uneven concrete slab path that I would like get fixed.
Vicinity of Brinwood Gate in Mississauga
Uneven concrete walkway in front of the house.
Vicinity of Silverthornmill Ave in Mississauga
Looking for garage floor concrete crack repair - about 15ft long. Must be done by Apr 3/4
Vicinity of Haydock Park Drive in Mississauga
1. Sinking concrete (walkway) 2. Extend concrete walkway to the backyard
Vicinity of Avonmore Street in Mississauga
About a quarter of my garage floor slab has sunk about 3/4". I was wondering if it's possible to raise it.
Vicinity of Perran Drive in Mississauga
Concrete stairs are sacked and need 4inchs lift, pls contact.
Vicinity of Kinnerton Crest in Mississauga
There are a few slabs on my drive way and around my house. I would like see how much it will cost me to level them. Thank you Sam
Vicinity of Treviso Court in Mississauga
I have three separate slabs on my patio that need reveling, total area approximately 20 ft x 15 ft. One is sloped towards the house obviously causing drainage issues against the foundation. All three slabs could use some tweaking.
Vicinity of Delaney Drive in Mississauga
Concrete slabs around pool uneven...tripping hazard. Thanks!
Vicinity of Tedwyn Drive in Mississauga
I have two cracks across my one car garage with different levels throughout. I'd like to have someone come out to see if the concrete can be raised instead of replacing it altogether.
Vicinity of Shadeland Drive in Mississauga
I hope to raise the sidewalk of my house.
Vicinity of Byngmount Ave in Mississauga
Please provide a quote to repair one stair and full set of stairs.
Vicinity of Gypsy Fly Cres in Mississauga
I have exposed aggregate concrete walkways, patio and porch. The patio in my backyard has sunken a few inches and the stairs leading to my front porch are slanted downwards and are pulling away from the porch.
Vicinity of Pelham Avenue in Mississauga
Pool deck getting a bit worn out
Vicinity of Tippett Court in Mississauga
Hello team, Our driveway and backyard need some concrete leveling. Would you interested in helping? Please provide us some estimates in price and time. Thanks, Katherine
Vicinity of Priory Crescent in Mississauga
Patio sunken slabs
Vicinity of Menway Court in Mississauga
Cracks need to be filled in
Vicinity of Drumcashel Court in Mississauga
We have a concrete patio. It is made up of four slabs. All the slabs are in good condition, no cracks. However two of the slabs, closest to the lawn have sunk and are now at the grass level. They seem to sink a little more each year.
Vicinity of Barbertown Rd in Mississauga
Poured concrete front entrance sidewalk has sunken over 3" and makes walking up steps difficult
Vicinity of Glory Crt. in Mississauga
Need to lift a sunken concrete slab on the walkway at the entrance of the house. The slab has sunk about 2 to 3 inches on the house side and the slab size is about 5' x 5', may be 4 or 5" thick.
Vicinity of Valleyfield Drife in Mississauga
Concrete repair around pool.
Vicinity of Olympus Mews in Mississauga
Single car garage(10'x20'). The floor has dropped approximately 2 1/2" at the rear.