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Before and After Pictures from Innisfil
Void Causes Garage Floor to Crack in Innisfil, Ontario

Void Causes Garage Floor to Crack in Innisfil, Ontario

Before After
Void Causes Garage Floor to Crack in Innisfil, Ontario Void Causes Garage Floor to Crack in Innisfil, Ontario

Garage floors deal with a lot of wear and tear. The constant weight of vehicles driving back and forth takes a toll, and after an extended period, many garage floors begin to fail.

A customer in Innisfil, Ontario, noticed cracks were forming in his garage floor. He wanted the issue fixed before it got worse, so he reached out to Canadian Concrete Leveling after hearing about how we can stabilize concrete. 

Project Manager Paul Mendell met with the homeowner and inspected the garage. Paul discovered a void beneath the concrete floor. He explained to the customer, and how we could fill the void and stabilize the concrete, and the customer eagerly booked a repair date. 

Foreman Kyle McKeown started by drilling a few dime-sized holes in the concrete. He used these as injection ports for installing our PolyLevel® high-density polyurethane. PolyLevel® expands beneath the concrete, compressing fill soils and stabilizing the floor above. After completing the repair, Kyle patched the holes with fresh concrete.

The customer is thrilled that his garage is fixed. He doesn’t need to worry about the cracks anymore, and he knows his floor is stable and supported.

OnRoute Sinking Concrete Driveway, Innisfil, Ontario

OnRoute Sinking Concrete Driveway, Innisfil, Ontario

Before After
OnRoute Sinking Concrete Driveway, Innisfil, Ontario OnRoute Sinking Concrete Driveway, Innisfil, Ontario

Innisfil, Ontario's OnRoute had a significant hazard forming on the driveway in front. The 4-foot concrete slab had started to sink due to soil erosion beneath. This caused a lip to include in the joint, making it a tripping hazard and an unwanted lump for drivers. The property managers acted and did some research on where they found us. As a result, we can lift the existing concrete back to its original height without damaging the surface, taking days at a time, being cost-effective, and not interrupting the daily traffic. 


We sent our Project Manager, Paul Mendell, for our free estimate guarantee. Paul was able to diagnose the problem, where the injections of our polyurethane would go, how long it would take, and who will be coming to the job site. Once the quote was done and uploaded, it was time to send our Installation Supervisor, Kyle McKeown, to the job. Accompanying him was our Installation Specialist JP Basto. With commercial work, we typically send out two specialists to be time effective and make sure there are two sets of eyes confirming all the components are done well. Kyle and JP started drilling holes into the problematic concrete slab and attached metal caps to prepare for the PolyLevel® machine. The machine is a gun-shaped mechanism attached to a 300ft+ insulated hose that keeps the polyurethane in liquid form, and once it's pumped out, it expands and becomes solid. The polyurethane was pumped through, lifting the surface in seconds. The great thing about polyurethane curing as quickly as it does is that the surface can be used eight after the cleanup, which eliminates traffic in the high-trafficked space. Once the PolyLevel® is underneath, the holes that were drilled in earlier then get filled up by concrete to conceal the invasion that was done and give the work a clean look. The process alone took under half an hour, and the concrete looked similar to when it was first installed.

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Durable concrete repair in Innisfil, ON

Did you know that unstable soils can cause your concrete steps, patios, pool decks, and more to crack and sink? At Canadian Concrete Leveling, we offer 20 years of combined concrete repair experience. With efficient customer service, innovative solutions, and proven products, we restore slabs for homes and commercial properties in Innisfil, ON!

So, avoid costly, outdated concrete repair solutions and take advantage of the services by Canadian Concrete Leveling. We offer free concrete leveling, concrete crack repair, and concrete sealing estimates, click below to schedule yours today!

State-of-the-art concrete leveling & lifting

If you have damaged, sinking concrete slabs around your home or business, then they are doing more then making your property look unappealing. As a falling hazard, they can also cause a serious liability issue.

With these factors in mind, most property owners understand the importance of concrete repair services but are turned off by the idea of a messy, complicated, and disruptive job. Good thing Canadian Concrete Leveling provides PolyLevel, a simple injection system that provides a no-mess, precise lift and produces long-lasting results!

Benefits of PolyLevel:

  • Non-invasive installation
  • Quick application & curing
  • Clean & precise lifting
  • Adjustable & durable for loads of all sizes

Contact us today to schedule a free concrete leveling estimate for your Innisfil home or commercial property!

Restore damaged, cracked concrete

Cracked concrete is unsightly and lowers the value of your Innisfil property. Don't fret, Canadian Concrete Leveling is here with an innovative concrete sealant that restores cracked driveways, pool decks, sidewalks, and more, all while providing long-lasting flexibility.

Our NexusPro concrete crack repair solution can be installed all year-round and is ultra-durable, resistant to harsh weather, UV rays, and more!

Benefits of NexusPro:

  • Stands up to harsh temperatures
  • Produces tough & long-lasting results
  • Can be installed all year-round
  • Resistant to UV rays, cracking, & bubbling
  • Cures in 60 min. (compared other brands at 24-72 hrs)

To learn more about our innovative concrete crack repair solution or to schedule a free estimate, contact us today!

To schedule a free concrete sealing estimate in Innisfil, ON, contact us today!

Concrete leveling, crack repair, & sealing experts

If you want durable concrete repair services but don't want to deal with the mess, distraction, and costs that come standard with other contractors, Canadian Concrete Leveling is the solution. We offer concrete leveling, concrete crack repair, and concrete sealing with attentive customer service, innovative solutions, and proven products.

To schedule a free concrete repair estimate for your Innisfil home or commercial property, click below today!

Case Studies From Innisfil
OnRoute’s are common pits stop points when travelling long distances. From driving in, getting snacks, using the washroom, pumping gas, and...
A garage floor deals with a lot of wear and tear. You might use the space for storage, parking, or a workshop, but no matter what, the ground below...
Job Stories From Innisfil, ON
On Route Sinking, Innisfil, Ontario

You’re on a road trip and you notice you need to take a break, get some snacks, pump gas, and relax. You pull into the next OnRoute and on the drive in, you hit a severe bump that almost pops your tire. Without thinking twice, you get out of the car and make your way inside. When you’re about to step in, you trip over the same concrete slab that your car just hit on the way in. Injured and annoyed you wonder why this OnRoute isn’t fixing this hazard. In Innisfil, Ontario, this pit stop had this exact problem. The 4-foot concrete slab leading into the shop had started sinking leaving the joint connecting the two much larger than normal, inviting tripping and driving hazards. With a quick call away, the OnRoute Property Managers found Canadian Concrete Leveling to level out the problematic slab. Once the call was made, we were able to send our Paul Mendell, our experienced Project Manager, to the OnRoute and take a closer look. With the description of the job prior, Paul knew what kind of work needed to be done, he just needed to crunch the numbers, see how long it will take and how long it takes. Once the quote was completed, our installation crew came on a later day. Our experienced gentlemen, Kyle Mckeown, Installation Supervisor, and JP Basto, our Installation Specialist, arrived on the site later that week. They were assigned to use our polyurethane injections into the concrete slab then sealed off with fresh concrete. The sealing part is hardly noticeable since the holes for the poly are the size of a dime. Polyurethane is the ideal method to lift and level your concrete. It is quick, durable, lightweight, cost effective, and non-invasive. Other methods can be too heavy, causing the soil underneath to shift more, can be too invasive and ruin the concrete, costly, and very time consuming. This way, a lightweight solution like polyurethane, can fix wonders. The OnRoute from JP and Kyle took under an hour to set up, work, and cleanup. You can now travel to your nearest stop and not have to worry. 

On Route Sinking, Innisfil, Ontario - Photo 1
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L9S 5A3, L9S 5A4, L9S 5A5, L9S 5A7, L9S 5A8