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Canadian Concrete Leveling Job Stories

Gazebo in Binbrook, Ontario Needs Concrete Beneath Lifted and Leveled
A new Gazebo in a family backyard was ready to be used this summer when the homeowners discovered a significant change in the concrete position levelling. They realized it had begun to sink and grew concerned they would need to replace the concrete completely, which would cost them a hearty amount of money. Canadian Concrete Leveling was happy to help these homeowners and went the traditional route for this job. The crew used our PolyLevel® that is an injectable polyurethane material. It performs to lift and level the concrete back to its original grade. Not to mention, once it is installed it can be used as soon as thirty minutes after! When finished, the homeowners were glad to know their concrete was fixed without any heavy construction or financial dents.
Leveling Driveway and Sinking Porch, Hamilton, Ontario
Hamilton, Ontario, has a lot of older homes where concrete has settled. In many circumstances, the concrete that tends to sink/shift first is the driveway, walkways, then the porch. This house had all three going for it, and the homeowners wanted to fix it before it became a severe hazard when navigating in and out of the home—starting with the home's driveway. The driveway had shifted from soil settlement, causing it to sink at specific points, revealing tripping hazards. Moving on to the front porch. The porch started following the same pattern as the driveway and started falling to expose the foundation and make the step into the home much larger. Since the owners were elderly, any obstacle stopping them from getting in and out of the house made it ten times more difficult for them to get around.    They needed to fix this as soon as possible, so worry about hurting themselves is left at bay. A friend recommended a company that could level the concrete within the same day without ripping up the existing concrete; that company was Canadian Concrete Leveling. Our Project Manager, Matt Ruskin, set the homeowners at ease with a detailed quote and honest pricing. Later that week, our Installation Specialist, Bill McKeown, came to the home to inject the concrete slabs with our polyurethane. Once the injections were made, the concrete immediately lifted back to its original position. The homeowners were amazed by the same-day process and couldn't thank Bill and Matt enough for their treatment.
Front Concerte Landing Needs Levelling Love, Hamilton, Ontario
Front landings are meant to be flat and safe. A home in Hamilton, Ontario, had a concrete pad at the bottom of the front steps that was slopping forward to the front lawn. Beside the pad was the driveway that has its own set of concrete slabs. With the one pad sloping more than the driveway, the separation between the two developed a tripping hazard. Not only is the tripping hazard afoot but in the wet and colder months, slipping was an issue too!    The homeowners were undergoing renovations inside the home and wanted to budget this fix accordingly. By saving the concrete slabs and permanently lifting them, Canadian Concrete Leveling fits that criteria. After the initial call was made, our Project Manager, Matt Ruskin, arrived at the site to provide an estimate. Then later that week, our Installation Supervisor, Kyle McKeown, started the project of lifting the slab to its original position.    Our lifting process is done with our highly dense polyurethane, known as PolyLevel®. The beauty of polyurethane verse other methods is the durability, quick expansion, and lightweight material it is. The job took just under half an hour and did not interrupt the foot traffic of the renovations happening in the home. The owners are much calmer knowing they don't have to take the staircase in fear of hurting themselves. 
Crack Fixed and Filled In in Waterdown, Ontario
This customer in Waterdown, Ontario, was growing increasingly concerned about a noticeable crack in the slabs surrounding their backyard pool. Shifting of the earth underneath the ground is a common culprit that causes this issue. This customer’s concrete slab had moved so much to the point where it was creating a dangerous lip, which is already a tripping hazard but will continue to get worse over time. Canadian Concrete Leveling knows that there is only one proper way to prevent further damage to heaving concrete. Our friendly and courteous Installation Specialists inject a unique polyurethane material called PolyLevel®. Our amazing PolyLevel® product is not only strong, but it is also very smart. Engineered to follow the path of least resistance, it fills in any voids and gaps underneath the concrete, securely lifting the entire slab back to a safe, level grade. Once the job was completed in a time-efficient and secure manner, the customer was happy to have their pool back and their peace of mind.
PolyLevel® and NexusPro® perform to seal and level concrete pool deck in Oakville, ON
This family pool in Oakville, Ontario needed some TLC on its pool deck. Fearful of the expenses to replace the concrete, they called Canadian Concrete Leveling for our expertise on the best approach to repair their problem. We provided them with our most preventative approach by first sealing off the numerous cracks with NexusPro® that is a durable sealant which can withstand Ontario’s hot summer months, and cold winters. Lastly, they lifted and leveled the sinking oncrete with our PolyLevel® polyurethane that is injected through small, drilled holes. In no time, the concrete was professionally sealed and leveled. Tripping hazards as well as the fear of avoidable accidents for the summer were permanently eliminated.
Rear Patio Sunk Overtime, Oakville, ON
A home in Oakville, Ontario had a problem located at the rear patio of the house. The concrete patio had sunk over time and was beginning to slope towards the foundation. The patio was poured on top of loose soils around the foundation. Since these soils were loose, the weight of the concrete further compressed the area leading to sinking and settling throughout the patio. The customer had recently moved into the home and was worried the sloping patio would lead to water damage in the basement. The customer called Canadian Concrete Leveling and spoke to John DiNicolantonio who explained the process of out solution. Kyle McKeown came in and used the PolyLevel Foam System and NexusPro Joint Sealant. It was injected beneath the concrete, through small dime sized holes. The foam followed the path of least resistance underneath the concrete to fill all of the voids and then expanded. The patio was lifted back to the original level and is protected from further settlement. The customer was very happy that we were able to complete the lift on the patio and do so in a timely manner.  
Sunken Concrete Repair in Oakville, ON
Sunken concrete originates from poor soil conditions. Over time the loose soils compress and washout causing the concrete to settle. Our customer had replaced part of their concrete walkway because it had severely settled causing it to crack. Our customer had noticed more signs of settling and did not want to pay a significant amount of money to have the whole walkway replaced again.   Luckily, they called Canadian Concrete Leveling! System Design Specialist, John DiNicolantonio, met with our customer and provided a cost-efficient solution for their settled concrete issue. Foreman, Billy injected Polyurethane that expands under the sunken concrete and compresses against the loose soils to lift and stabilize the walkway. The Polyurethane protects against further settlement.   Our customer is satisfied and happy that our company was able to offer a permanent solution. The walkway is now level and protected with our lifetime warranty!
Pool Deck Repairs in Milton, ON
Homeowners Jim and Cheryl have an amazing home in Milton, ON but had some issues with their Backyard, specifically around the pool area that they felt had to be fixed because of all the cracks and unleveled surfaces. They pondered and researched ways they could fix the many unleveled surfaces around their pool and came across Clarke Basement Systems and Canadian Concrete Leveling online. They saw so many great reviews and decided to give them a phone call. After setting up an appointment with Trevor who took them around their home, gave them detailed information on how exactly we could help them and found other potential issues that they could fix, they felt comfortable booking us to do the job. A team came in and got the entire job done within half a day and also cleaned up the area perfectly. Overall it was a great job and great team, I would definitely use and recommend them again.
Pool Deck Saviours, Mississauga ON
Ever walk around a pool deck and stub your toe on an uneven concrete slab? Transform your hazardous pool deck into something clean and seamless. Homeowners in Mississauga, ON, wanted to level their backyard concrete patio but wanted to avoid replacing each slab. Canadian Concrete Leveling offers a cost-effective, environmentally friendly, quick-curing solution to fix sinking concrete. Project Manager Tim Rector came to the rescue by recommending our PolyLevel® Injection System. Our production crew pumped high-density polyurethane below the concrete to lift, level and stabilize the pool deck and patio. The area is ready for action in a matter of minutes. It’s like magic! The installation is minimally invasive, with little disruption to the homeowners’ daily routine. We save many sinking pool decks so homeowners, their family and friends can enjoy their time poolside or relaxing on the patio. Does your backyard space need a permanent solution for sinking concrete? Call us today to book your FREE inspection.
PolyLevel Injection Front Patio Mississauga, ON
A homeowner in Mississauga, Ontario, had a concern about their front patio at the main entrance of their home. It had been an issue for a few years but was progressively getting worse. The customer noticed water was starting to pool near the foundation and starting to into cracks leading into the basement.  The homeowner called Canadian Concrete Leveling and an appointment was booked with John DiNicolantio. Once John met with the homeowner, he discovered the issue with the concrete in the backyard started from poor soil compaction. Since the soils around the house were still fairly loose when the patio was poured, the weight of the concrete compressed the soils which created settlement in various areas. Once a gap and crack formed between the patio slab and the stoop, water was able to penetrate the substrate leading to even more settlement.  John also noticed that the patio slab was actually sloping towards the stoop. The homeowner mentioned that during heavy rains water would flow towards the house and disappear into the cracks. Water was going into the basement and he realized that this needed to be fixed as soon as possible.  John knew that our PolyLevel® System with polyurethane foam would be able to take care of this concrete problem. Kyle McKeown, Installation Specialist, drilled small dime-sized holes through the concrete and injected the foam under the slabs. The foam follows the path of least resistance and then expands to fill all the gaps and voids. The concrete was sealed and leveled once again.  The customer was relieved that we were able to lift and level the patio and improve the grading of the concrete away from the foundation. They now have a safe and warrantied walkway!
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