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Michael S. of Crescent, ON
Tuesday, July 16th
I heard of Canadian Concrete Leveling through our builder, Granite Homes. They have been a great builder, we have had some challenges, and our biggest challenge was this current challenge which was our house was sinking, actually our floor was sinking. So I heard about you through them. We had an issue that we needed to be fixed right away, so we said to them we need this done and we need it done right, please find the BEST company in Canada, and they did! Your office staff were brilliant, easy to deal with and friendly on the phone. Your sales rep was amazing, his name was Paul and when Paul came in you just had a sense of complete comfort. Almost as though he was a best friend or a family member so thats extremely rare as I don't get that feeling very often. Paul was incredible at communicating what needed to be done, he was also incredible at making me feel at ease about the situation, i mean my house and floor were sinking. I was very impressed with Paul. Finally when the equipment went live and you guys got in here and started doing the work and get to the serious fix, the gentleman's name was Bill, and boy Bill was absolutely incredible. I read afterwards that Bill was the same individual who fixed the Tesla factory, and if he can fix a Tesla factory he can fix my home, and he did. He brought it to level, a true 00.0 level and I've got my business and my house back so thank you to your team.
Michael K. of Guelph, ON
Thursday, August 17th
Testimonial Photo by Darren M.
Bill and Brandon did a great job! Arrived on-time (actually early 👍) and got right to it. Professional and very friendly…and most importantly my garage floor is level again. Cleaned up, patched the holes - all in an hour. Great technology and from the time I called in, to the in-person quote (thanks Kyle), to a job well-done at a very reasonable price…I’m glad I called these folks! Thanks again to everyone at Canadian Concrete Leveling. Darren
Darren M. of Holland Landing, ON
Friday, October 8th
Testimonial Photo by Brian H.
we have patterned concrete which has settled over the past 18 years leaving some uneven slabs between the front porch and walkway. Also, there was an 1.5" difference between the driveway and the garage floor after all these years. Canadian Concrete Leveling was a perfect and easy solution. They were fast and provided great communication. All done in 4 weeks from first contact. Totally recommend.
Brian H. of Burlington, ON
Monday, September 20th
Testimonial Photo by Larry K.
From start to finish my experience with Canadian Concrete Leveling was all good. Meeting with Joe McColl to get an estimate to the actual work done by Bill, everything was done very efficiently and professionally. The process and the final result is very impressive. I could not be happier with the work done. Thank you.      
Larry K. of Richmond Hill, ON
Tuesday, August 20th
Testimonial Photo by Silverline Helicopters
Paul I just wanted to thank you guys again for a job well done. It was completed as quickly and as cleanly as you promised and given what we had to work with the results far exceeded what I thought we were going to get. We are back like it never happened in three days one of which was to allow the little bit of concrete repair to dry. Here are photos of each room once the carpet was reapplied although without glue as I do intend to replace it at some point in the future. Once again thanks and I will not hesitate to recommend you guys to others. Cheers
Silverline Helicopters of Holland Landing, ON, ON
Monday, May 8th
Testimonial Photo by Roxanne A.
I was very pleased with my decision to contact Canadian Concrete to have them look at a severe leveling issue with my large front walkway. From my first call to the office, to my meeting with Joe to review the scope of work, to the repairs completed by Bill & Mark - I was happy every step of the way. Very professional and great communication. Highly recommend.      
Roxanne A. of Keswick, ON
Tuesday, August 20th
Great experience with this company. I had phoned about an issue, your response was timely and we were very pleased that our concerns were addressed. I couldn't have been happier when Kyle and his Assistant came on time and did an excellent job. They were very friendly, co-operative and skilled. I would highly recommend your company. Great experience with this company. I had phoned about an issue, your response was timely and we were very pleased that our concerns were addressed. I couldn't have been happier when Kyle and his Assistant came on time and did an excellent job. They were very friendly, co-operative and skilled. I would highly recommend your company.
Ron L. of LaSalle, ON
Wednesday, September 14th
Thank you to Kyle and Jp for the excellent work. We had a small issue at the beginning of the job but they went above and beyond to get it sorted out. I would not hesitate to recommend this company. Very happy!
Saeed C. of Windsor, ON
Tuesday, November 15th
I chose CCL after getting several other quotes from different local companies to raise multiple areas of our sidewalk that had sunken and 'slid' away from the bottom of our porch step, leaving a huge gap. While CCL was the most expensive, I felt the quality of work they would perform and the materials they used were superior to the other less expensive quotes. Mike and Mark arrived early (after calling to see if it was OK to come a little early), did the job quickly, efficiently, patiently answered my questions as they did the work and cleaned up well afterwards. We are very pleased with the end result. At first I was a little worried that CCL was not located in the Windsor area, but in the end, their communications with me and the final product alleviated any fears. I would highly recommend CCL. If they say they can do the job....believe them! Thanks Andy, Mike and Mark!
Barbara L. of Windsor, ON
Thursday, May 20th
Would not hesitate to recommend! Your area sales representative, Andy Moncrieff was professional and helpful in providing the estimate to have our concrete patio and sidewalk lifted and levelled. Very satisfied with the job done by your technicians, Kyle and Russell. They arrived on time and completed the work in a very professional manner. In addition, they were accommodating to a bit of additional work we asked to be done. Their pride in their work and professionalism was abundantly evident!
Vikki S. of Komoka, ON
Monday, October 24th
Things couldn't have gone better. Andy Moncrieff, your Project Manager, is excellent. Work occurred on the scheduled date. The men arrived on time, were polite and helpful, patiently answered my questions, and cleaned up completely. The price was good. Communication and follow-up were complete. The finished product looks wonderful - the one lifted patio concrete slab with PolyLEVEL and the NexusPro Crack Repair on all the cracks between the four concrete patio slabs and against the house. I would definitely recommend your company. Good work. 
Martha C. of London, ON
Thursday, May 20th
My wife and I were very pleased with the job Kyle and Pedro performed at our house. They arrived at the scheduled time and completed the job, levelling our front concrete and sidewalk with excellence. 
Paul D. of Stratford, ON
Monday, September 26th
Great job with leveling, on time, professional.
John B. of Stratford, ON
Tuesday, November 22nd
Leveled my driveway and walkway, brought my driveway up 30 to 40 millimeters at the garage slab and step. No more tripping hazards! Great results, worth the money!
Kevin M. of Brockton, ON
Wednesday, May 12th
Great experience and would highly recommend them for your project needs. From the time I set up a consultation to the finish of the project, all members of the team were truly professional, attentive and supportive to make the project seamless. Quality of the work exceeds all expectations. Huge thank you!
Mark D. of Woodstock, ON
Tuesday, May 17th
They lifted 3 sections of my driveway, the service was professional and easy to deal with.
Gino M. of Port Elgin, ON
Tuesday, May 23rd
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