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I heard of Canadian Concrete Leveling through our builder, Granite Homes. They have been a great builder, we have had some challenges, and our biggest challenge was this current challenge which was our house was sinking, actually our floor was sinking. So I heard about you through them. We had an issue that we needed to be fixed right away, so we said to them we need this done and we need it done right, please find the BEST company in Canada, and they did! Your office staff were brilliant, easy to deal with and friendly on the phone. Your sales rep was amazing, his name was Paul and when Paul came in you just had a sense of complete comfort. Almost as though he was a best friend or a family member so thats extremely rare as I don't get that feeling very often. Paul was incredible at communicating what needed to be done, he was also incredible at making me feel at ease about the situation, i mean my house and floor were sinking. I was very impressed with Paul. Finally when the equipment went live and you guys got in here and started doing the work and get to the serious fix, the gentleman's name was Bill, and boy Bill was absolutely incredible. I read afterwards that Bill was the same individual who fixed the Tesla factory, and if he can fix a Tesla factory he can fix my home, and he did. He brought it to level, a true 00.0 level and I've got my business and my house back so thank you to your team.
Michael K. of Guelph, ON
Thursday, August 17th
Michael S. of Crescent, ON
Tuesday, July 16th
Very happy working with this company from every stage of production. At the consultation, their employee, Matt Ruskin, was able to draw up paperwork including the cost on the spot! And their confirmation reminders ensured us that we were prioritized. Very friendly and knowledgeable would recommend to anyone in the St. Catharines area. 
Kendall S. of St. Catharines, ON
Wednesday, August 10th
I dealt with Matt Ruskin for the proposal and scheduling and then Kyle and his colleague for the actual on site concrete levelling work. I could not be happier with the entire project from the initial proposal to completion and clean up. Kyle moved a number of slabs that had gone askew after many years and made them look brand new. I found the NexusPro® joint sealant also finished the slabs and made me feel comfortable that the would not allow surface water runoff to create the same problem in a few years. I would recommend working with them if you need concrete levelling services. 
Charles D. of Hamilton, ON
Tuesday, April 26th
Testimonial Photo by Brian H.
we have patterned concrete which has settled over the past 18 years leaving some uneven slabs between the front porch and walkway. Also, there was an 1.5" difference between the driveway and the garage floor after all these years. Canadian Concrete Leveling was a perfect and easy solution. They were fast and provided great communication. All done in 4 weeks from first contact. Totally recommend.
Brian H. of Burlington, ON
Monday, September 20th
Kyle and JP were very polite, knowledgeable, and skilled. The attention to detail, especially the cleanup, was very much appreciated.   I will not hesitate to recommend your services in the future.  
Dave W. of Paris, ON
Wednesday, May 18th
We are very pleased with the completed project and Bill’s team was excellent. They went right to work and were finished much sooner than we expected. They were very attentive to detail and the step/walkway is much safer now that the trip hazards are gone. And it looks amazing!
Dolores M. of Oakville, ON
Thursday, February 4th
Testimonial Photo by Simon K.
Great work. CCL raised our concrete walkway and fixed the drainage problem in less than an hour from start to finish with no mess. Thanks.
Simon K. of Oakville, ON
Wednesday, September 4th
We're completely satisfied with the service provided by Canadian Concrete Leveling. The salesperson and on-site crew were very knowledgeable and professional in explaining both what needed to be done and the results of the actual work that was completed. We had our garage floor levelled where it had cracked and settled in places, and the voids underneath filled. Great job!
Harry V. of Oakville, ON
Monday, June 10th
Despite a challenging part of our pool deck to raise, Bill and Aidan used their experience and implemented an amazing repair in a super professional manner. Unobtrusive, clean and quick. These 2 gentlemen should be the faces on the side of your vehicles advertising your firm. We would highly recommend!
Tim H. of Oakville, ON
Thursday, July 14th
We are very pleased with Canadian Concrete Leveling. Kyle and Mark arrived on time, they were friendly, tidy, efficient and did a fantastic job. My garage floor looks great.
Joanne G. of Oakville, ON
Tuesday, March 31st
We are extremely impressed with the service recently received from Canadian Concrete Leveling to repair our front porch. The entire team, from sales to customer service to installation were prompt and professional with any questions or concerns we had. Given the timing of our job (during current state of emergency) we were elated that Concrete Leveling was able to keep the original appointment scheduled. They were punctual, focused and did a great job cleaning up the garden area of materials. We would not hesitate to recommend Canadian Concrete Leveling to others and use them again.
Richard R. of Oakville, ON
Wednesday, May 13th
Great work and very professional!
Melanie M. of Oakville, ON
Tuesday, September 24th
I would like the CCL management to know about Bill’s exceptional customer service skills.  Bill took the time and explained to me and my wife some of the issues we will face if we have proceeded with the order, not to mention the challenge he has encountered accessing the back of the structure.  He was thorough and honest.  He also provided us with a couple of options to get the work done.  Now my wife and I are back into the drawing board and we will work with a landscaper to develop a new plan based on Bill’s feedback/recommendations. I will be recommending CCL to my neighbours, my colleagues and my associates.
Loris D. of Oakville, ON
Wednesday, April 8th
I have contacted Canadian Concrete Leveling for a concrete job at my front porch steps. Matthew was very informative and provided me all the details in length. Amber at the office made the appointment and the follow up prior to the appointment. Kyle and his team did an excellent job by raising my sagged concrete steps and fixed the cracked part nicely. Overall I have seen a completely professional approach and a timely completed job. I am extremely happy with the result and I would thank the whole Canadian Concrete Leveling team and will recommend them to anyone who has a similar concrete problem.
Erkan S. of Oakville, ON
Monday, October 19th
Arrived on time. Performed the necessary repairs. No problems at all. 
Gary H. of Oakville, ON
Wednesday, August 10th
Great experience and would highly recommend them for your project needs. From the time I set up a consultation to the finish of the project, all members of the team were truly professional, attentive and supportive to make the project seamless. Quality of the work exceeds all expectations. Huge thank you!
Mark D. of Woodstock, ON
Tuesday, May 17th
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