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Lifted Patio in Oakville, ON

A concrete patio in Oakville ON was sinking and started to slope towards the foundation of our customer’s house. The homeowner was worried that water might start leaking into the basement.

The customer called Canadian Concrete Leveling for advice and to book an appointment. Our Project Manager suggested our patented PolyLevel Injection System. Our expert installation team used polyurethane to fill the voids under the concrete patio and used NexusPro Joint Sealant to seal cracks. 

Our customer was so relieved that our team was able to lift and stabilize the patio successfully and in such a short amount of time. They also have peace of mind knowing water will not leak into their house.


Concrete Leveling in Oakville, ON

This homeowner's front entrance and driveway needed a lift after years of normal wear and tear to their home, so they called Clarke Basement Systems to help solve the issue. We sent out one of our inspectors, Paul Mendell to take a look at their home and he made incredible recommendations.

We were able to lift the concrete slabs back to its original height using our PolyLevel® Injection and also match up the adjoining walkway and two driveway slabs. Once the lift and void fill was complete, we finished off the project by neatly sealing all treated areas with Nexus Pro® Sealant.

Concrete Repair in Oakville, ON

Our customer's concrete had settled so much causing the stairs to separate. They were worried that this would be a significant safety concern. To lift and stabilize the sinking concrete, our team injected Polyurethane that expands and compresses loose soils. The steps are back at their original height and no longer pose a tripping hazard.

Polyurethane Injection in Oakville, ON

This walkway on the side of our customer’s home posed a significant tripping hazard. Also, the concrete had sloped towards the foundation which could cause water to pool damaging the house. Luckily, Canadian Concrete Leveling had the perfect solution for the settled and sinking concrete. Polyurethane was injected to lift and stabilize the customer's walkway. The transformation is incredible!  

Side Walkway Causing Hazard, Oakville, ON

A home in Oakville, Ontario, had problems at the side of the home. There was a section at the side of the house, apart of the pool deck that had sunk 1.5” causing a trip hazard with the adjacent slabs.

The customer called Clarke Basement Systems and spoke to John DiNicolantonio, the Project Lead, who explained everything that would be done. The Canadian Concrete Leveling Foreman , Billy McKeown, drilled small, dime sized holes through the concrete and injected our PolyLevel Foam underneath the slabs. The foam followed the path of least resistance underneath the concrete to fill all of the voids and then expanded. We were able to use the expansion of the foam to lift the walkway to protect them from further settlement and eliminate trip hazards.





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