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Testimonials From Mississauga
The Corporation is more than satisfied with the work and highly recommend Canadian Concrete Leveling for their professionalism and costs saving unique...
Testimonial by Del Property Management I. from Mississauga, ON
It turned out so much better than what I expected
Testimonial by Enzo S. from Mississauga, ON
It turned out so much better than what I expected
Testimonial by Enzo S. from Mississauga, ON
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Before and After Pictures from Mississauga
Sinking Concrete Walkway Puts Family at Risk in Mississauga, Ontario

Sinking Concrete Walkway Puts Family at Risk in Mississauga, Ontario

Before After
Sinking Concrete Walkway Puts Family at Risk in Mississauga, Ontario Sinking Concrete Walkway Puts Family at Risk in Mississauga, Ontario

It’s a fact that kids love playtime. Not only is it a time to make friends and memories, but it’s good for them too. What isn’t good is dealing with multiple tripping hazards standing between your home and your child’s playground. 

A customer in Mississauga, Ontario, noticed the patio next to his house had started to slope towards the foundation, and several tripping hazards had formed when the concrete shifted. He was concerned about his six-year-old daughter using the walkway to access the backyard without tripping, and he wanted to keep water away from his home. Wanting to ensure his family’s safety, he reached out to Canadian Concrete Leveling. 

Project Manager CJ Sharp met with the customer to inspect his walkway. While talking with the concerned parent, CJ recommended the best solution for this problem. Once a production date was scheduled for the repair, Foreman Kyle McKeown worked hard using our PolyLevel® Injection System to lift and level the patio. Kyle also fixed additional tripping hazards along with the customer’s driveway. 

The customer was amazed that he could see immediate results. He loves the way his walkway and driveway look now and is thrilled that his family is safe.

Front Porch Step Sinks in Mississauga, Ontario

Front Porch Step Sinks in Mississauga, Ontario

Before After
Front Porch Step Sinks in Mississauga, Ontario Front Porch Step Sinks in Mississauga, Ontario

Front walkways and entryways are one of the most used areas in our home. So, when something goes wrong with these spots, it’s hard to ignore.

A customer in Mississauga, Ontario, had a concrete front step that had sunk significantly. The step had turned into a tripping hazard, and the homeowner wanted it dealt with before someone got hurt.

He reached out to Canadian Concrete Leveling and met with Project Manager Joe McColl to review his options before a date was set for the repair. Foreman Kyle McKeown drilled holes in the top of the step and injected our PolyLevel® polyurethane beneath the concrete slab to lift it. To finish the job, he patched the drill holes with fresh concrete.

The customer is very pleased that their tripping hazard is gone for good. They can now use their front steps without worrying about anyone getting hurt.

Pool Deck PolyLevel® Installation in Mississauga, ON

Pool Deck PolyLevel® Installation in Mississauga, ON

Before After
Pool Deck PolyLevel® Installation in Mississauga, ON Pool Deck PolyLevel® Installation in Mississauga, ON

This pool deck had very dangerous trip hazards that were making a fun summer, not so fun. 

When the homeowners decided to repair the pool deck, they contacted Canadian Concrete Leveling to the rescue. 

Project Manager, Joe McColl, inspected the home and established that PolyLevel® and NexusPro™ would be needed to repair the pool deck. 

Once the plan was in place, Installation Foreman, Bill McKeown, and his production team went to the home to complete the job. 

Now, the homeowners are happy and excited to get back to having the best summer ever!

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Habitat for Humanity
Habitat Canada brings communities together to help families build strength, stability and independence through affordable homeownership. Canadian Concrete Leveling donated their... [Read more]
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If you've noticed damaged, sinking concrete steps, walkways, driveways, and more around your home or business, Canadian Concrete Leveling is here to help. We provide 20 years of combined concrete repair experience with attentive customer service, innovative solutions, and proven products, which set us apart from industry and produces long-lasting results!

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Long-lasting & mess-free concrete leveling

If you have cracked, sinking concrete slabs around your Mississauga property, then repairing them is crucial. Not only do these damaged structures lower your home or business' image and value but as a dangerous falling hazard, they also create a liability issue.

Many contractors offer the same old lifting solutions that involve messy, complicated, and disruptive repairs, scaring off property owners from seeking out those services. With PolyLevel from Canadian Concrete Leveling, they no longer have anything to fear. Our simple injection system produces precise leveling with lasting results!

Benefits of PolyLevel:

  • Non-invasive installation
  • Quick application & curing
  • Clean & precise lifting
  • Adjustable & durable for loads of all sizes

Contact us today to schedule a free concrete leveling estimate for your Mississauga home or commercial property!

Cutting-edge concrete crack repair

If you've noticed deep cracks on your steps, sidewalks, walkways, and other structures, then Canadian Concrete Leveling has a concrete repair solution that can't be beaten. NexusPro is a powerful concrete sealant that is ultra-durable and resistant to harsh weather, UV rays, and more!

Benefits of NexusPro:

  • Stands up to harsh temperatures
  • Produces tough & long-lasting results
  • Can be installed all year-round
  • Resistant to UV rays, cracking, & bubbling
  • Cures in 60 min. (compared other brands at 24-72 hrs)

We can install NexusPro in Mississauga properties all year-round. To learn more about our long-lasting concrete crack repair solution or to schedule a free estimate, contact us today!

To schedule a free concrete sealing estimate in Mississauga, ON, contact us today!

Free estimates on concrete repair, concrete leveling, & more

If you are interested in reliable and cutting-edge concrete repair solutions, then contact Canadian Concrete Leveling today. We provide concrete leveling, concrete crack repair, and concrete sealing that produces no mess, no stress, and long-lasting results!

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Case Studies From Mississauga
Exterior walkway slabs sloping towards the building and directing water to the foundation is believed to be a contributing cause of the interior...
A great business starts with an impressive first impression. Whether it's a flashy sign out front of a store, or a smooth walkway leading to the...
A home in Mississauga, Ontario, had a problem the patio slab their air conditioning unit was sitting on in the back yard. It had been sinking over...
Job Stories From Mississauga, ON
Front Walkway injection in Mississauga, ON

A front walkway and driveway into our customer’s home in Mississauga, Ontario, had settled and sunken. It made it difficult to drive the car into the garage because of the difference in height. Also, it was a safety concern for our customer's elderly parents who had trouble getting into the home because the front steps were extremely high.


Paul Mendell, Project Manager Lead for Canadian Concrete Leveling spoke with our customer and listened to their concerns. Paul recommended injecting Polyurethane that expands under settled concrete and compresses down on any loose soils to lift and stabilize the slab. Foreman, Kyle and Steve began the job by drilling dime-sized holes through the concrete and injecting our high-density structural grade Polyurethane.


Our customer is relieved and happy to have a safe entry into their home, giving them back their peace of mind. Thanks Canadian Concrete Leveling.

Concrete Repair in Mississauga, ON

 Located at the front of our customer’s home in Mississauga, Ontario, was a sunken and settled step. A large gap became visible between the front steps and each year it progressively got worse. It had sunken so bad that the concrete had cracked. Our customer was concerned that the concrete would continue to sink and the gap would become more substantial. It is a safety hazard that needed to be addressed.


John DiNicolantonio Project Lead for Canadian Concrete Leveling, spoke with our customer and proposed a permanent solution. John recommended injecting Polyurethane that expands under the concrete to lift and stabilize the settled slab. Kyle, a Foreman, began the processes by drilling dime-sized holes through the settled slab and injecting the expanding Polyurethane. Kyle also inserted our NexusPro™ Joint Sealant into the cracked concrete to protect it fron further breaks.


Our customer is extremely happy with the job that was done. They were also extremely impressed with the price and how our team completed the work in such a short time. John was able to provide a permanent, cost-efficient solution to our customer's issue without having to rip out and replace the cracked settled concrete.

Sunken Patio in Mississauga, ON

A patio should be an area to enjoy and entertain, with tables, chairs, and a BBQ. Unfortunately, for our customer in Mississauga, Ontario, they were unable to use the patio because it had sunken severely down to one side making it drastically unlevel. The slope forced water to pool along the foundation wall worrying our customer about further damage.


Our Project Manager for Canadian Concrete Leveling, Paul Mendell, met with our customers to address their concerns. With the help of Billy, Team Leader, and Kenny, Installation Specialist, the team injected Polyurethane under the concrete. Polyurethane is a high density, structural grade polymer, that lifts and stabilizes concrete.


Our customer is happy that the patio is level and gives them peace of mind that rainwater will no longer pool near the home. They can now enjoy and entertain outside and appreciate their back yard.

Townhouse Complex in Mississauga, ON

Surrounding an entire townhouse complex was settled and sunken concrete it was an accident waiting to happen. It is a safety concern for the public in Mississauga, Ontario, because the accessibility ramps were unusable and the settled walkways ran parallel with the road.


John DiNicolantonio, Project Lead for Canadian Concrete Leveling spoke with our customer and surveyed their areas of concern. John recommended injecting Polyurethane which expands under the settled concrete and compresses down on the loose soils to lift and stabilize the slab. Billy, a Foreman, started the processes by drilling dime-sized holes through the concrete and then injected the polyurethane.


Our customer was extremely satisfied and relieved that they did not need to rip out and repour new concrete. John was able to provide a permanent, cost-efficient solution to our customer's problem.

PolyLevel Injection Front Patio Mississauga, ON

A homeowner in Mississauga, Ontario, had a concern about their front patio at the main entrance of their home. It had been an issue for a few years but was progressively getting worse. The customer noticed water was starting to pool near the foundation and starting to into cracks leading into the basement.

 The homeowner called Canadian Concrete Leveling and an appointment was booked with John DiNicolantio. Once John met with the homeowner, he discovered the issue with the concrete in the backyard started from poor soil compaction. Since the soils around the house were still fairly loose when the patio was poured, the weight of the concrete compressed the soils which created settlement in various areas. Once a gap and crack formed between the patio slab and the stoop, water was able to penetrate the substrate leading to even more settlement.

 John also noticed that the patio slab was actually sloping towards the stoop. The homeowner mentioned that during heavy rains water would flow towards the house and disappear into the cracks. Water was going into the basement and he realized that this needed to be fixed as soon as possible.

 John knew that our PolyLevel® System with polyurethane foam would be able to take care of this concrete problem. Kyle McKeown, Installation Specialist, drilled small dime-sized holes through the concrete and injected the foam under the slabs. The foam follows the path of least resistance and then expands to fill all the gaps and voids. The concrete was sealed and leveled once again.

 The customer was relieved that we were able to lift and level the patio and improve the grading of the concrete away from the foundation. They now have a safe and warrantied walkway!

Work Requests From Mississauga, ON
Vicinity of Florian Rd in Mississauga
I assembled a new shed on a slab of concrete that previously had a wooden shed on it. Turns out that the concrete is not properly levelled as the doors won't close and no amount of shims can level the thing.
Vicinity of Hadwen Rd in Mississauga
Sidewalk lift at the office
Vicinity of Crately Court in Mississauga
Patterned concrete driveway and front steps have sunk about 2-4 inches.
Vicinity of in Mississauga
Small crack in pool deck concrete
Vicinity of Ladyburn Crescent in Mississauga
I have a patterend concrete drivevway that has cracks and needs to be sealed. Plus a matching porch parts of which has sunk a little and stairs leading up to it are broken in places
Vicinity of Cartmel Rd in Mississauga
Swimming pool deck sinking issue
Vicinity of Mulcaster Rd in Mississauga
Sinking concrete on pool deck and front porch.
Vicinity of Danville Road in Mississauga
Vicinity of Glenwatson Drive in Mississauga
Concrete around pool has sunk and needs repaired. I'd like to get a quote
Vicinity of Capricorn Cres in Mississauga
Sinking and cracked pool deck in certain areas
Vicinity of Ifield Road in Mississauga
Need to lift a sinking concrete slap
Vicinity of Fayette Circle in Mississauga
Front of garage has cracked/sunk looking for estimate for repair.
Vicinity of Forrestdale Circle in Mississauga
Our exposed aggregate walkway has sunk and cracked.
Vicinity of Wrigglesworth Cres. in Mississauga
Looking for estimate to fix some sagging concrete step, can let me know when you come by to have a look
Vicinity of Fallingbrook Drive in Mississauga
Concrete slabs on driveway have sunk in some places. Looking for an estimate to level it.
Vicinity of Yorkminster Cres in Mississauga
Uneven garage floor, it is a 10 years house, that melting snow in wintertime accumulates in certain areas. My question is to level the floor with a clean looking.
Vicinity of Council Ring Road in Mississauga
Repair concrete in backyard.
Vicinity of Dillingwood Dr. in Mississauga
My concrete steps are settling and they are out of level. I was wondering if foam levelling would work
Vicinity of Swiftdale Dr in Mississauga
I had a sunken driveway and step. Please call for more details. Thanks Van
Vicinity of Nutcracker Drive in Mississauga
We have the patio in the back yard that has some major cracks in it and some parts of it has raised approx 1 1/2" causing a tripping hazard. If you can let me know when you may be available to come & have a look and give me a quote.
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