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Testimonials From Oakville
We're completely satisfied with the service provided by Canadian Concrete Leveling.
Testimonial by Harry V. from Oakville, ON
Kyle and Mark arrived on time, they were friendly, tidy, efficient and did a fantastic job
Testimonial by Joanne G. from Oakville, ON
We are extremely impressed with the service recently received from Canadian Concrete Leveling to repair our front porch
Testimonial by Richard R. from Oakville, ON
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Before and After Pictures from Oakville
Lifted Patio in Oakville, ON

Lifted Patio in Oakville, ON

Before After
Lifted Patio in Oakville, ON Lifted Patio in Oakville, ON

A concrete patio in Oakville ON was sinking and started to slope towards the foundation of our customer’s house. The homeowner was worried that water might start leaking into the basement.

The customer called Canadian Concrete Leveling for advice and to book an appointment. Our Project Manager suggested our patented PolyLevel Injection System. Our expert installation team used polyurethane to fill the voids under the concrete patio and used NexusPro Joint Sealant to seal cracks. 

Our customer was so relieved that our team was able to lift and stabilize the patio successfully and in such a short amount of time. They also have peace of mind knowing water will not leak into their house.


Concrete Leveling in Oakville, ON

Concrete Leveling in Oakville, ON

Before After
Concrete Leveling in Oakville, ON Concrete Leveling in Oakville, ON

This homeowner's front entrance and driveway needed a lift after years of normal wear and tear to their home, so they called Clarke Basement Systems to help solve the issue. We sent out one of our inspectors, Paul Mendell to take a look at their home and he made incredible recommendations.

We were able to lift the concrete slabs back to its original height using our PolyLevel® Injection and also match up the adjoining walkway and two driveway slabs. Once the lift and void fill was complete, we finished off the project by neatly sealing all treated areas with Nexus Pro® Sealant.

Concrete Repair in Oakville, ON

Concrete Repair in Oakville, ON

Before After
Concrete Repair in Oakville, ON Concrete Repair in Oakville, ON

Our customer's concrete had settled so much causing the stairs to separate. They were worried that this would be a significant safety concern. To lift and stabilize the sinking concrete, our team injected Polyurethane that expands and compresses loose soils. The steps are back at their original height and no longer pose a tripping hazard.

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CCL raised our concrete walkway and fixed the drainage problem in less than an hour...
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Durable concrete repair in Oakville, ON

Did you know that unstable soils can cause your concrete steps, patios, pool decks, and more to crack and sink? At Canadian Concrete Leveling, we offer 20 years of combined concrete repair experience. With efficient customer service, innovative solutions, and proven products, we restore slabs for homes and commercial properties in Oakville, ON!

So, avoid costly, outdated concrete repair solutions and take advantage of the services by Canadian Concrete Leveling. We offer free concrete leveling, concrete crack repair, and concrete sealing estimates, click below to schedule yours today!

State-of-the-art concrete leveling & lifting

If you have damaged, sinking concrete slabs around your home or business, then they are doing more then making your property look unappealing. As a falling hazard, they can also cause a serious liability issue.

With these factors in mind, most property owners understand the importance of concrete repair services but are turned off by the idea of a messy, complicated, and disruptive job. Good thing Canadian Concrete Leveling provides PolyLevel, a simple injection system that provides a no-mess, precise lift and produces long-lasting results!

Benefits of PolyLevel:

  • Non-invasive installation
  • Quick application & curing
  • Clean & precise lifting
  • Adjustable & durable for loads of all sizes

Contact us today to schedule a free concrete leveling estimate for your Oakville home or commercial property!

Restore damaged, cracked concrete

Cracked concrete is unsightly and lowers the value of your Oakville property. Don't fret, Canadian Concrete Leveling is here with an innovative concrete sealant that restores cracked driveways, pool decks, sidewalks, and more, all while providing long-lasting flexibility.

Our NexusPro concrete crack repair solution can be installed all year-round and is ultra-durable, resistant to harsh weather, UV rays, and more!

Benefits of NexusPro:

  • Stands up to harsh temperatures
  • Produces tough & long-lasting results
  • Can be installed all year-round
  • Resistant to UV rays, cracking, & bubbling
  • Cures in 60 min. (compared other brands at 24-72 hrs)

To learn more about our innovative concrete crack repair solution or to schedule a free estimate, contact us today!

To schedule a free concrete sealing estimate in Oakville, ON, contact us today!

Concrete leveling, crack repair, & sealing experts

If you want durable concrete repair services but don't want to deal with the mess, distraction, and costs that come standard with other contractors, Canadian Concrete Leveling is the solution. We offer concrete leveling, concrete crack repair, and concrete sealing with attentive customer service, innovative solutions, and proven products.

To schedule a free concrete repair estimate for your Oakville home or commercial property, click below today!

Job Stories From Oakville, ON
Sunken Concrete Repair in Oakville, ON

Sunken concrete originates from poor soil conditions. Over time the loose soils compress and washout causing the concrete to settle. Our customer had replaced part of their concrete walkway because it had severely settled causing it to crack. Our customer had noticed more signs of settling and did not want to pay a significant amount of money to have the whole walkway replaced again.


Luckily, they called Canadian Concrete Leveling! System Design Specialist, John DiNicolantonio, met with our customer and provided a cost-efficient solution for their settled concrete issue. Foreman, Billy injected Polyurethane that expands under the sunken concrete and compresses against the loose soils to lift and stabilize the walkway. The Polyurethane protects against further settlement.


Our customer is satisfied and happy that our company was able to offer a permanent solution. The walkway is now level and protected with our lifetime warranty!

Rear Patio Sunk Overtime, Oakville, ON

A home in Oakville, Ontario had a problem located at the rear patio of the house. The concrete patio had sunk over time and was beginning to slope towards the foundation. The patio was poured on top of loose soils around the foundation. Since these soils were loose, the weight of the concrete further compressed the area leading to sinking and settling throughout the patio. The customer had recently moved into the home and was worried the sloping patio would lead to water damage in the basement.

The customer called Canadian Concrete Leveling and spoke to John DiNicolantonio who explained the process of out solution. Kyle McKeown came in and used the PolyLevel Foam System and NexusPro Joint Sealant. It was injected beneath the concrete, through small dime sized holes. The foam followed the path of least resistance underneath the concrete to fill all of the voids and then expanded. The patio was lifted back to the original level and is protected from further settlement.

The customer was very happy that we were able to complete the lift on the patio and do so in a timely manner.


Rear Patio Sunk Overtime, Oakville, ON - Photo 1
Work Requests From Oakville, ON
Vicinity of Tesla Crescent in Oakville
Our pattern concrete near the house in the backyard has sunk three inches causing some minimal water pooling. It is only the area against the back of the house that is the issue. The rest of the pattern concrete around our pool is fine. I would like to get a quote please
Vicinity of Rushbrooke Drive in Oakville
Would like a quote on raising (stamped) concrete.
Vicinity of Whitworth Drive in Oakville
My drive way has dropped and would like it to be raised to line up to the the garage floor
Vicinity of Inverhuron Trail in Oakville
Aggregate walkway needs raising as it has settled over time
Vicinity of Fairbairn Court in Oakville
I have a stamped concrete patio and walk way in need of leveling. I am looking for advice and a quote to resolve the issue. Thank you.
Vicinity of Glenashton Dr. in Oakville
I have about a 300- 400 square foot backyard done in exposed aggregate. A few of my slabs have cracked so I just wanted those repaired and leveled out.
Vicinity of Jezero Crescent in Oakville
Need to get someone to confirm if concrete driveway needs to be raised. Second the concrete driveway needs to be treated with sealant.
Vicinity of Hudson Place in Oakville
Front porch slab 5 x 8 in need of levelling
Vicinity of Sussex St in Oakville
Looking to repair the garage floor concrete slab, it is cracked at a few places. Some of the cracks are up to 2 inches wide, perhaps couple of inches deep, and the slab on both sides of the crack is uneven at some places - difference in level is up to an inch and a half. Looking for ways to have this cracks repaired. Thank you.
Vicinity of Ulman Road in Oakville
We have a hot tub slab, approx 6 years old which has dropped on one end approx 1 to 1.5 inches. Slab currently has empty (winterized) hot tub in place for winter. The slab is 10 x 10 ft and 5 to 6 inches thick. On the side that has sunk, there is approx 12 to 18 inches of exposed slab between edge of tub and slab edge.
Vicinity of Weeping Willow Dr in Oakville
Concrete patio not level
Vicinity of Bridlewood Trail in Oakville
Existing curbs and walkways all are in great shape, exposed aggregate about 10 yrs old, but front step has tilted, now about 1-1/4 inch off level front to back. Not good when it gets icy. Want to see if it can be levelled, as replacement isn't really an option. Can send pictures.
Vicinity of Kingsridge Drive in Oakville
Patio concrete slab had sunken 3 1/2 inches, the water is running toward the foundation.
Vicinity of Falgarwood in Oakville
Concrete steps sank 2-3 " on one side. They are 4' wide. Looking for quote
Vicinity of Emily Circle in Oakville
I have concrete sinking in middle of mine garage . I would like to know how much would cost me to level it up
Vicinity of Merchants Gate in Oakville
Front porch 1 step has sunk creating a gap of 2 inch
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