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Testimonials From Whitby
The concrete deck around the pool is now totally level again which will save some stubbed toes next summer
Testimonial by Dieter G. from Whitby, ON
Great customer service. Reliable, honest and trustworthy.
Testimonial by Paul M. from Whitby, ON
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PolyLevel Concrete Leveling
Interior Slab Leveling
NexusPro Concrete Crack Repair
Sidewalk Repair
Concrete Driveway Repair
Pool Deck Repair

Commercial Concrete Repair
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Airport Runway Repair
Void Filling & Erosion Control
Pre-Construction Soil Stabilization

Before and After Pictures from Whitby
Concrete Island Causing a Serious Hazard, Whitby, ON

Concrete Island Causing a Serious Hazard, Whitby, ON

Before After
Concrete Island Causing a Serious Hazard, Whitby, ON Concrete Island Causing a Serious Hazard, Whitby, ON

A parking lot in Whitby, Ontario, had a concrete slabs that had sunken substantially on the inside the curb. This was causing many potential trip hazards for visitors to the Center. The Engineering Technician from the Town of Whitby wanted to fix this problem as soon as possible, before someone got hurt.    

The customer called Canadian Concrete Leveling to fix the island in the parking lot.  Our team injected PolyLevel foam into the sunken slabs. This lifted the concrete back to its original pour line and stabilized the concrete slab. The trip hazard is no longer existent and the technician is happy know they don't have to worry about it anymore.


Sinking Pool Deck Puts Family at Risk in Brooklin, Ontario

Sinking Pool Deck Puts Family at Risk in Brooklin, Ontario

Before After
Sinking Pool Deck Puts Family at Risk in Brooklin, Ontario Sinking Pool Deck Puts Family at Risk in Brooklin, Ontario

A pool is typically a pretty popular area at a home. Everyone enjoys hopping in for a quick dip, and parents are used to supervising their kids for hours on end. 

A family in Brooklin, Ontario, had a beautiful pool with a sinking pool deck. The concrete surrounding the pool was sinking and cracking, creating quite a tripping hazard. The family’s teenage kids used the pool regularly, and they were concerned about someone tripping. They were almost used to living with the eyesore but decided it was time to take care of it.

They reached out to Canadian Concrete Leveling and met with Project Manager Kyle O’Brien. Kyle inspected the concrete pool deck and showed the homeowners exactly how we would repair the concrete.

Foreman Bill McKeown used our PolyLevel® system to lift and level the concrete slabs. The high-density polyurethane expands beneath the concrete to compress the fill soils and lift the slabs, preventing the issue from returning. 

The family is thrilled that their pool is safe again. Their kids can use the backyard without the parents worrying so much, and the ugly eyesore is finally gone.

Concrete Pool Deck Sinks Away from Wooden Patio in Whitby, Ontario

Concrete Pool Deck Sinks Away from Wooden Patio in Whitby, Ontario

Before After
Concrete Pool Deck Sinks Away from Wooden Patio in Whitby, Ontario Concrete Pool Deck Sinks Away from Wooden Patio in Whitby, Ontario

We all want our backyards to look great, and we put a lot of work to achieve this goal. When something gets in the way that’s out of our control, it can be understandably frustrating. 

A homeowner in Whitby, Ontario, has a beautiful backyard with a pool and a wooden deck. The concrete around his pool used to sit flush with the deck, but over time, the slabs had settled. This created a dangerous and unsightly lip between the concrete and wood boards. Tired of looking at the hazard, the customer decided to call Canadian Concrete Leveling.

Project Manager Kyle O’Brien met with the frustrated client and inspected his backyard. The customer was concerned the concrete and deck would have to be redone. To his surprise, Kyle showed him how we could lift and level the concrete in just a day’s work and with minimal disruption.

Eager to learn more, the customer asked what made our product stand out against our competitors.

Kyle explained that we use a system called PolyLevel®, which uses a combination of two different polymers. As these polymers are mixed beneath the concrete, they expand, lifting the slab and compressing fill soils below. PolyLevel® weighs less than 10% of the material weight the competition uses and cures in less than an hour. 

Foreman Kyle McKeown started the repair by drilling dime-sized holes in the concrete surface as injection ports. He injected our PolyLevel® System in a controlled manner, lifting the concrete back to a level grade with the deck.

The customer is very relieved that we could do the work without destroying half of his backyard, as other companies had proposed. His pool deck is secure and protected, and the risk of tripping has been eliminated.

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Habitat for Humanity
Habitat Canada brings communities together to help families build strength, stability and independence through affordable homeownership. Canadian Concrete Leveling donated their... [Read more]
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Durable concrete repair in Whitby, ON

Did you know that unstable soils can cause your concrete steps, patios, pool decks, and more to crack and sink? At Canadian Concrete Leveling, we offer 20 years of combined concrete repair experience. With efficient customer service, innovative solutions, and proven products, we restore slabs for homes and commercial properties in Whitby, ON!

So, avoid costly, outdated concrete repair solutions and take advantage of the services by Canadian Concrete Leveling. We offer free concrete leveling, concrete crack repair, and concrete sealing estimates, click below to schedule yours today!

State-of-the-art concrete leveling & lifting

If you have damaged, sinking concrete slabs around your home or business, then they are doing more then making your property look unappealing. As a falling hazard, they can also cause a serious liability issue.

With these factors in mind, most property owners understand the importance of concrete repair services but are turned off by the idea of a messy, complicated, and disruptive job. Good thing Canadian Concrete Leveling provides PolyLevel, a simple injection system that provides a no-mess, precise lift and produces long-lasting results!

Benefits of PolyLevel:

  • Non-invasive installation
  • Quick application & curing
  • Clean & precise lifting
  • Adjustable & durable for loads of all sizes

Contact us today to schedule a free concrete leveling estimate for your Whitby home or commercial property!

Restore damaged, cracked concrete

Cracked concrete is unsightly and lowers the value of your Whitby property. Don't fret, Canadian Concrete Leveling is here with an innovative concrete sealant that restores cracked driveways, pool decks, sidewalks, and more, all while providing long-lasting flexibility.

Our NexusPro concrete crack repair solution can be installed all year-round and is ultra-durable, resistant to harsh weather, UV rays, and more!

Benefits of NexusPro:

  • Stands up to harsh temperatures
  • Produces tough & long-lasting results
  • Can be installed all year-round
  • Resistant to UV rays, cracking, & bubbling
  • Cures in 60 min. (compared other brands at 24-72 hrs)

To learn more about our innovative concrete crack repair solution or to schedule a free estimate, contact us today!

To schedule a free concrete sealing estimate in Whitby, ON, contact us today!

Concrete leveling, crack repair, & sealing experts

If you want durable concrete repair services but don't want to deal with the mess, distraction, and costs that come standard with other contractors, Canadian Concrete Leveling is the solution. We offer concrete leveling, concrete crack repair, and concrete sealing with attentive customer service, innovative solutions, and proven products.

To schedule a free concrete repair estimate for your Whitby home or commercial property, click below today!

Case Studies From Whitby
Keeping a warehouse efficient is vital for a company. Unneeded slowdowns cost time and money, and managers are always looking for ways to speed...
Sinking front steps are never a good look for a home. They can lead to injuries, make snow removal difficult, and don’t look very nice. In...
When you invest thousands of dollars and many hours of hard work into something, you want it to be perfect. In Whitby, Ontario, a customer called...
Job Stories From Whitby, ON
Fixing a Sinking Swimming Pool Deck in Whitby, ON

Mike M. noticed that his swimming pool deck started to sink unevenly and began pulling the coping liner away from the swimming pool. Canadian Concrete Leveling had an instant fix for this pool and tripping hazard.

The solution included using PolyLevel® to even out the deck. This miracle fix compound is made up of high-density polyurethane. Upon the injection of PolyLevel®, the chemical compound begins to expand to fill the void causing the unlevel concrete. Thanks to the PolyLevel® injection, not only has the initial issue been alleviated, but now any trip hazards have also been eliminated.

Now Mike is to enjoy his swimming pool deck once again. Canadian Concrete Leveling is pleased to have been able to resolve this Whitby, ON homeowner’s problem.

Fixing a Sinking Swimming Pool Deck in Whitby, ON - Photo 1Fixing a Sinking Swimming Pool Deck in Whitby, ON - Photo 2
Work Requests From Whitby, ON
Project Location: Whitby, ON
Recently purchased a house with an on ground pool. The concrete slab around the pool is cracked and raised in some areas and sunk in others. Would like to get a quote on levelling it.
Project Location: Whitby, ON
Would like a quote on repairing the (23ftx53in) concrete pad at the front our our home.
Project Location: Whitby, ON
An old sinking pool deck
Project Location: Whitby, ON
Have a few slabs around pool sinking
Project Location: Whitby, ON
I have a sidewalk approximately 50m long that requires leveling. Thank you
Project Location: Whitby, ON
Concrete Walkway that leads to change concrete patio has dropped approximately 1 1/2". Walkway is 30" wide Concrete Stairs have also sunk 1 1/2" as well. 2 steps, 8 f et wide, 4 feet deep
Project Location: Whitby, ON
Front steps have dropped a few inches
Project Location: Whitby, ON
Hello We are looking for a quote to level our concrete pool deck.
Project Location: Whitby, ON
I have a concrete patio in my backyard which is sinking towards the house. I need the level fixed. The concrete also has some cracks which need to be fixed. Kindly provide a quote.
Project Location: Whitby, ON
I need a step lifted that is at the side entrance to our house
Project Location: Whitby, ON
Looking to repair 6-7 concrete slabs around my pool.
Project Location: Whitby, ON
Concrete pool deck has sunk. Wanting to level before having some landscape work done. Thank you
Project Location: Whitby, ON
I have a sunken concrete patio with a large crack that i need reapired it is about an inch down
Project Location: Whitby, ON
Pattern concrete in backyard needs releveling .
Project Location: Whitby, ON
Concrete around pool
Project Location: Whitby, ON
A portion around my concrete pool deck has cracks and has heaved.
Project Location: Whitby, ON
Pool deck needs levelling in a few areas.
Project Location: Whitby, ON
Front steps are sinking
Project Location: Whitby, ON
Concrete has sunk at top of stairs on my pool deck.
Project Location: Whitby, ON
Repairs required for our pool deck
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