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Levelling A Tripping Hazard Whitby's Fire Station

The Whitby, Ontario, fire station needed our help to eliminate a tripping hazard on the parking lot's perimeter. The concrete walkway leading into the building had started to sink two inches, making it dangerous for the staff to come and go from their vehicles. During the harsher winter days, the hazard became completely invisible, which made our new clients want the problem solved as soon as possible. Based on the tremendous work we've previously done for the town of Whitby, the fire hall knew they could trust Canadian Concrete Leveling to do a quick yet professional job.  


Our Project Manager, Kyle O'Brien, came to the rescue and started his investigation of the sinking concrete. He can see that the walkway needed a healthy amount of our PolyLevel® injection material to stabilize the undersoil and lift the walkway back to its original height. With the go-ahead from the fire station, the job was scheduled to be completed. Our experienced installer, Bill McKeown, began the work and wanted to get it done promptly. So before the firefighter's next call, the concrete was levelled and cured. No interruptions and, most of all, no more hazards. 

OnRoute Sinking Concrete Driveway, Innisfil, Ontario

Innisfil, Ontario's OnRoute had a significant hazard forming on the driveway in front. The 4-foot concrete slab had started to sink due to soil erosion beneath. This caused a lip to include in the joint, making it a tripping hazard and an unwanted lump for drivers. The property managers acted and did some research on where they found us. As a result, we can lift the existing concrete back to its original height without damaging the surface, taking days at a time, being cost-effective, and not interrupting the daily traffic. 


We sent our Project Manager, Paul Mendell, for our free estimate guarantee. Paul was able to diagnose the problem, where the injections of our polyurethane would go, how long it would take, and who will be coming to the job site. Once the quote was done and uploaded, it was time to send our Installation Supervisor, Kyle McKeown, to the job. Accompanying him was our Installation Specialist JP Basto. With commercial work, we typically send out two specialists to be time effective and make sure there are two sets of eyes confirming all the components are done well. Kyle and JP started drilling holes into the problematic concrete slab and attached metal caps to prepare for the PolyLevel® machine. The machine is a gun-shaped mechanism attached to a 300ft+ insulated hose that keeps the polyurethane in liquid form, and once it's pumped out, it expands and becomes solid. The polyurethane was pumped through, lifting the surface in seconds. The great thing about polyurethane curing as quickly as it does is that the surface can be used eight after the cleanup, which eliminates traffic in the high-trafficked space. Once the PolyLevel® is underneath, the holes that were drilled in earlier then get filled up by concrete to conceal the invasion that was done and give the work a clean look. The process alone took under half an hour, and the concrete looked similar to when it was first installed.

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