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Tripping Hazards Around Home were Dangerous for Grandkids, Hamilton, ON

A pair of elderly homeowners from Hamilton, Ontario, called Canadian Concrete Leveling regarding various tripping hazards around their property. They didn't think there was much of an issue until one day their grandson had a near trip from a sinking concrete slab. After that moment, they wanted to make sure that was the only one. Then they found more and more. The homeowners took pride in the maintenance around their property, even the concrete, so the concrete was in excellent condition minus the sinking. Our Project Manager, Danny Dos Santos, arrived to investigate the issue better and get to the bottom of these treacherous walkways. He concluded that the best approach would be two systems, one being our PolyLevel® injection, and the following would be NexusPro® sealant. In tandem, they will lift the concrete, stabilize underneath, and seal off any joints where water can enter. Danny explained how each system worked, and the homeowners said, "That sounds like magic, let's do it!".

            Our Installation Specialists, arrived to transform this home from a tripping nightmare to a safe haven. They began by drilling dime-sized holes into the lower points of the concrete that will hold our PolyLevel® system. After the injections are made and the concrete has achieved the desirable height, it is time to seal the joints with our NexusPro®. Nexus is a great, waterproof, chemical-resistant joint sealant that does not crack and dry out. The homeowners were delighted with the work that everyone had done, from the initial call to the clean-up on-site. The grandparents now had peace of mind that the kids could traverse the property without running the risk of tripping. 

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