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Residential Case Studies: Concrete Pool Deck Brought Back from Disrepair in Pickering, Ontario

Tuesday, August 18th, 2020 by Dan Koehler


There’s only so long you can put off a repair. It may not be causing any immediate issues, but certain things fall into a state of disrepair after a while.

A customer in Pickering, Ontario, decided the time had come to fix his sinking concrete pool deck. He didn’t want to pour new concrete, but he was afraid the patio was too far gone to be repaired.


After meeting with Project Manager Kyle O’Brien, the client was pleasantly surprised to hear we could repair the concrete without removing any slabs. He was sure he would have to pour new concrete, so Kyle showed him a video demonstrating our PolyLevel® System. As PolyLevel® is installed, it expands beneath the concrete to lift the slab. This process also compresses any fill soils below. 

Foreman Kyle McKeown started the repair by drilling small dime-sized holes in the concrete surface. He injected our PolyLevel® System beneath the slab, lifting the sections of the patio back to grade. Once the concrete was back to an even level, Kyle patched the holes with fresh concrete. 

The customer still can’t believe we were able to repair his old concrete pool deck. He’s blown away with how efficiently our system is installed and was thrilled to be able to use the concrete that same day.

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