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Residential Photo Album: Sinking Concrete Threatens Homeowner in Etobicoke, Ontario

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Tripping hazards are a hazard to everybody. They’re annoying, get in the way, and unfortunately, sometimes they can even cause an injury.

 An elderly customer in Etobicoke, Ontario, had a backyard patio, but there was one problem. The concrete slabs the patio is built on had shifted and settled over time, creating numerous tripping hazards. The slope of the concrete had also changed, causing water to drain towards the home.

Concerned for her home and her well-being, the customer reached out to Canadian Concrete Leveling and met with Project Manager Joe McColl. Joe showed the customer our solution, and a date was set for the repair.

Foreman Bill McKeown and Installation Specialist Mark Sealy worked hard using our PolyLevel® Injection System and NexusPro® Sealant to level and seal the concrete. The customer is thrilled with the final result and can safely use her backyard again.

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