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Residential Photo Album: Sinking Concrete Problem Grows Worse in Brampton, Ontario

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When we see a needed repair at our home, we have every intention to deal with it. Next thing you know, life gets in the way, and the problem gets worse. 

A customer in Brampton, Ontario, had a sinking concrete issue she wanted dealt with. She had noticed the issue the year prior but didn’t get a chance to get to it right away, and the problem got worse. She met with Project Manager Paul Mendell, and Paul inspected her property. Paul found numerous tripping hazards, and a date was set for the repair. 

Foreman Bill McKeown and Installation Specialist Aidan McKeown completed the repair in only a matter of hours. Aidan drilled dime-sized holes in the concrete while Bill used our PolyLevel® solution to lift the slabs back to an even grade. 

The customer is very happy that we were able to get rid of all of her tripping hazards. She didn’t think everything could be repaired, so she was pleasantly surprised by our ability to fix the concrete without redoing it.

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