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Residential Photo Album: New Pool Deck Already Sinking in Creemore, Ontario

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Pools are an expensive investment to add on to your home. A lot of costs go into building a pool, and there’s a level of upkeep that is needed for it to function properly. When you spend all this money on something, you want it to last forever.

A family in Creemore, Ontario, called Canadian Concrete Leveling after noticing their relatively new pool deck was sinking in a few spots. They had spent thousands on their pool, so they were disappointed to see it failing so quickly.

After meeting with Project Manager Joe McColl, the customers were eager to have us out to repair the pool. Foreman Bill McKeown used our PolyLevel® solution to lift the concrete back to an even grade, eliminating the tripping hazards and protecting the family’s investment.

The entire family is thrilled that their pool is fixed. They’re happy to have a proven solution that will last.

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