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Residential Photo Album: Large Patio Rock Lifted Back to Grade in Cumberland Beach, Ontario

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Stone and concrete can make a landscape pop. Decorative concrete is a popular tool for dressing up gardens and patios, and across Ontario, we see endless homes with large stones and patterned concrete. 

A customer in Cumberland Beach, Ontario, reached out to us to deal with sinking concrete on his front patio. He had some tripping hazards in the concrete and a large stone that had settled a few inches. 

Project Manager Paul Mendell met with the homeowner and inspected his home. Paul showed him exactly how we could remove his tripping hazards, but Paul was unsure about the large rock since it was not our typical type of application. 

Foreman Bill McKeown used dime-sized holes he drilled in the concrete to inject our high-density polyurethane, PolyLevel®. This unique solution expands beneath the concrete, lifting the slab and compressing loose fill soils below. Bill was also able to lift the large stone back up to grade for the customer. He finished the repair by caulking any cracks with our NexusPro® Sealant.

The customer is delighted with the results of the repair. His patio is safe again, and he’s pleasantly surprised we were able to bring the large rock back to an even grade.

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