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Residential Photo Album: Sinking Concrete Outside of Courthouse in Timmins, Ontario

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Courthouses serve a vital role in our communities. They handle everything from speeding tickets to marriage licenses, and we all find ourselves going there at some point or another.

In Timmins, Ontario, a building manager reached out to Canadian Concrete Leveling about an issue he was having at the town courthouse. Large portions of the concrete walkway had settled. This was causing water to pool against the foundation and freeze during the winter. Concerned about visitor safety and worried about the basement flooding, the customer knew something needed to be done. 

Project Manager Paul Mendell met with the building manager and inspected the walkway. After listening to the customer’s concerns, Paul put his worries to rest by walking him through our PolyLevel® System. The customer was excited about our unique approach and appreciated that our method is non-invasive. 

Paul also explained that as time goes by, water and animals can create holes under the walkway that make the concrete sink. We can fix that. Our PolyLevel® System injects high-density polyurethane under the concrete to fill gaps or voids.

Project Manager Bill McKeown drilled dime-sized holes as injection ports for our PolyLevel® System. Once the concrete was lifted and levelled back to the proper grade, Bill patched the holes with fresh concrete.

The building manager can’t believe how simple the entire process was. He was expecting to pay thousands of dollars for new concrete but was thrilled that we repaired everything with minor disruption.

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