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Residential Photo Album: Rushing Water Damages Boat House in Penetanguishene, Ontario

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As homeowners, we do what we can to prepare for whatever nature throws at is, but sometimes there's nothing we can do except sit back and watch. 

In Penetanguishene, Ontario, a family’s boathouse was affected by severe weather conditions. One winter, unusually high-water levels took their toll on the concrete boat ramp. Heavy ice and water pushed its way beneath the concrete, washing out supporting soils and rocks. As a result, several areas started to sink. This led to some serious trip hazards and damaged the ramp. The water's force and shifting concrete bent the metal boat ramp stopping the boat cradle to slide down. 

The customers were very concerned that the damage to the boat ramp was too much to repair. They were always worried about someone tripping on a raised edge and were getting ready to fork out thousands of dollars to rebuild the entire thing. 

To their delight, Project Manager Paul Mendell was able to provide them with an alternative repair solution. Paul explained how our PolyLevel® System could lift the sinking concrete and fill the voids caused by rushing water. The customers were still a little hesitant that all of this severe damage could be repaired in one day without using heavy equipment, but became believers after Paul showed them a demonstration.

Foreman Bill McKeown began the repair by drilling dime-sized holes in the concrete. He injected our PolyLevel® System through these ports, lifting the concrete and supporting the slabs from beneath. Once the repair was complete, Bill patched the holes with fresh concrete.

The family is in awe of the work done by Canadian Concrete Leveling. They were thrilled to watch us work and see their concrete lift in real-time, and they're looking forward to many more years of using the boathouse.

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