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Residential Photo Album: Sinking Pool Deck Ruins Backyard Design in Georgetown, Ontario

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Having a beautifully landscaped backyard is something many people dream of. Nothing’s better than sitting on a back patio, enjoying a cold drink by a nice pool. But when something fails in your backyard oasis, it can take away from the whole experience.

A couple in Georgetown, Ontario, loved hanging out in their backyard. They have a gorgeous pool and deck, but over the years, Mother Nature took her toll. Poor fill soils led to the concrete patio sinking, creating an annoying tripping hazard. Water couldn’t drain properly either, and the customers agreed it was time for a change. 

After reaching out to Canadian Concrete Leveling, they met with Project Manager Joe McColl. Joe showed them how voids form over the years due to water and animals. They had no idea how our crew would repair the concrete without tearing up the slabs, so Joe showed them a video of our PolyLevel® System. They were so impressed with our unique solution that they wanted Joe to play the video again.

Foreman Bill McKeown started the repair by drilling dime-sized holes in the pool deck. He injected our PolyLevel® System through these holes, lifting the concrete back to an even grade. This process compresses soils beneath the slabs to prevent more sinking.

The couple can’t wait to enjoy their backyard again. The tripping hazard is gone, and they’re bragging to all their neighbours about the “cool” concrete repair company they used.

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