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Residential Photo Album: Garage Workshop Sinks in Midland, Ontario

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For many of us, DIY projects are a hobby and just as important as professional work. Some people even turn their garage into a workshop to give them the tools they need right at home.

In Midland, Ontario, a customer was referred to Canadian Concrete Leveling to deal with a sinking garage floor. The homeowner used this garage area as a workshop, but none of his tools were sitting level. The floor was made of large concrete slabs, but the pieces had settled over time. It was dangerous to use his equipment with tripping hazards everywhere, so he knew it was time for a change.

Project Manager Paul Mendell met with the customer and inspected the garage. He explained that water causes dirt to wash away from under the concrete. As the soils erode, the concrete sinks, creating tripping hazards. Paul walked the customer through our PolyLevel® System. He explained how we use high-density polyurethane injections to lift the concrete back to an even grade. 

Foreman Bill McKeown started the repair by drilling dime-sized holes in the concrete. He used these holes as injection ports for our PolyLevel® System. After Bill brought the floor back to grade, he patched the holes with fresh concrete.

The results exceeded what the customer thought was even possible. He was impressed with our non-invasive approach and is happy he found an alternative method instead of replacing the entire floor.

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