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Residential Photo Album: Sinking Garage Floor Slopes Towards Basement in Collingwood, Ontario

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When people think of concrete, their mind typically goes to the exterior of a home. Decorative or patterned concrete is ordinary, but we forget that much of our home’s interior foundation is built from the material.

A customer in Collingwood, Ontario, was having a problem with a sinking garage floor. The Floor had settled several inches and was sloping towards the basement stairs. The sinking was starting to expose portions of the wall, so the client decided it was time to take action. 

He reached out to Canadian Concrete Leveling and met with Project Manager Joe McColl. Joe inspected the garage and explained to the customer how we could lift the concrete back to grade. Our PolyLevel® System is a mixture of polymers that expand when they’re mixed. As they expand, they raise the slab and fill any gaps beneath the concrete. The customer was happy to hear that our solution could be installed in one day without any significant disruptions.

Foreman Bill McKeown started the repair by drilling dime-sized holes in the concrete surface. These holes were used as injection ports for our PolyLevel® System. Bill used the system to lift the garage floor before patching the injection ports with fresh concrete.

The customer is blown away by the work done by Canadian Concrete Leveling. His garage floor is no longer sinking, and he can’t believe how “cool” our solution was to watch.

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