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Residential Photo Album: Project Manager Calls Canadian Concrete Leveling for Sinking Sidewalk in Oakville, Ontario

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Managing a property can be quite a task, so when you’re in charge of managing an entire neighbourhood, it’s crucial to stay on top of things.

In Oakville, Ontario, a Property Manager tried to stay ahead of a sinking concrete issue he was having at a townhouse development. A few sidewalk slabs had settled and created a raised edge, causing several residents to fall.

He didn’t want to disrupt the community by replacing the sidewalk, so he was thrilled to hear about our non-invasive alternative after meeting with Project Manager Paul Mendell. Paul explained how our PolyLevel® System uses high-density polyurethane injections to lift concrete. As the solution mixes beneath the surface, it expands, and the upward force lifts the concrete back to a level grade.

Foreman Bill McKeown used dime-sized holes as injection ports for the polyurethane. These small holes are barely noticeable, leaving the space almost untouched once the repair is complete. Bill carefully lifted the sidewalk back to an even grade while ensuring water would drain away from the road.

The Property Manager is happy that he has one less thing to worry about. Residents have already raved about the repaired sidewalk, and he wouldn’t hesitate to bring CCL back for any additional repairs.

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