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Residential Photo Album: Customer Happy to Hear About our Alternative Solution in Oakville, Ontario

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Thinking you have to spend thousands of dollars and disrupt your home for several days is annoying, but hearing that an alternative is available can bring relief.

In Oakville, Ontario, a customer reached out to Canadian Concrete Leveling looking to replace his concrete driveway. The seam where the driveway meets the garage had settled significantly, and he was concerned the issue was only going to get worse.

Upon reaching out, he was happy to hear that we could solve the problem for him and was surprised that we could do so in a day’s work without any excavating. His interest was piqued, so he booked an inspection with Project Manager Paul Mendell.

Paul inspected the patterned concrete driveway and listened to the customer’s concerns. Paul explained how our PolyLevel® System, with its two-part polyurethane injections, expands beneath the surface, lifting the driveway back up to a level grade.

Foreman Bill McKeown started the repair by drilling dime-sized holes in the surface to use as injection ports. He installed our high-density polyurethane, PolyLevel®, beneath the slabs and lifted the driveway back to an even grade with the garage floor.

The customer was blown away by every step of the process. He still can’t believe this process exists but is thrilled he could save the time and money of pouring a new driveway.

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