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Canadian Concrete Leveling Case Studies: Settling Front Steps Threaten Elderly Parents Safety in Newmarket, Ontario

Thursday, July 18th, 2019 by Dan Koehler


Nothing is more important than family. It sounds cliché, but that’s probably because it’s true. We lean on our family for wisdom and friendship, and we give them the same in return. Your parents always told you this growing up, but it took you 20 or 30 years to finally admit they were right.

A customer in Newmarket, Ontario, enjoyed having their parents visit at their home, but unfortunately, sinking concrete put them at risk. The steps leading to the front door had settled, causing the step height to end up higher than the building code. The increased height made it difficult for the elderly parents to use, and there was a considerable risk of tripping. 

The customer was also concerned about their basement and possible water seepage. Their side walkway was sloped towards the foundation and water would pool near the basement each time it rained. 

Looking to fix the sloping walkway and give their parents easy access to the front door, the customers reached out to Canadian Concrete Leveling.


Project Manager Paul Mendell met with the customers and inspected their home. Paul understood the importance of removing tripping hazards and was able to put the family’s worries at ease. He showed them our PolyLevel® and NexusPro® systems, and the customers excitedly decided to go ahead with the repair.

Foreman Kyle McKeown lifted the steps back up to where they originally had been poured using our PolyLevel® Injection Process. PolyLevel® is a high-density urethane that expands beneath the concrete, lifting and stabilizing it. He also raised the side pathway, sloping it away from the foundation towards the grass. Our NexusPro® Sealant was used the seal any cracks caused by settlement, preventing water from getting under the concrete. 

The homeowners are thrilled that we were able to raise the steps back to code and remove the slope towards the foundation. They have peace of mind knowing the risk of injury is gone from the front steps, and they were very impressed with the clean finish of the NexusPro®.  

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