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Don't Slip Up
This customer in Toronto, Ontario, was experiencing unfortunate shifting in their garage floor. As a result of the concrete floor heaving, a large, significant crack had formed...
Trip and Fall Due to Sinking Concrete Outside Toronto, Ontario, Store
One of the biggest fears for property managers is that someone gets hurt on their property. Accidents happen, of course, but it’s a lousy feeling nonetheless and can...
Brand-New Factory Floor Sinks in Scarborough, Ontario
Warehouses run like a well-oiled machine. There is equipment moving back and forth at all times – efficiency is a top priority. A builder in Scarborough, Ontario, called...
Sinking Step No Longer to Code in Toronto, Ontario
Building codes are something we all need to follow, and for a good reason. They ensure safety and consistency, so there are never any surprises. A customer in Toronto, Ontario,...
Proximity to Lake Ontario Leads to Soil Washout in Pickering, Ontario
Improving the curb appeal of your home can take more than just some flowers and bushes. In some instances, it means bringing in professionals. A couple in Pickering, Ontario,...
Concrete Pool Deck Brought Back from Disrepair in Pickering, Ontario
There’s only so long you can put off a repair. It may not be causing any immediate issues, but certain things fall into a state of disrepair after a while. A customer...
Customer Brings Us Back for a Different Section in Newmarket, Ontario
While a quirk or problem at your home may not be a big deal after you’re used to it, it can still be a surprise for guests. In Newmarket, Ontario, a customer had been...
Customer Tired of Dealing with an Icy Driveway in Ajax, Ontario
Preventing ice buildup is something Canadians tackle all winter long. The problem never seems to go away, but we do all we can to keep it at bay. An elderly customer in Ajax,...
Concrete Repair Needed Before Selling Parent's Home in Cobourg, Ontario
When you inherit or take over the care of a house, you never really know what you’re in for until you get down into the nitty-gritty. A customer in Cobourg, Ontario,...
Pool Deck Sinks Days After Installation in Cobourg, Ontario
Owning a company means keeping your customers happy and holding a level of integrity behind your work. In Cobourg, Ontario, a pool company reached out to Canadian Concrete...
Sinking Floor Caused Sinking Business, Guelph, ON
A home in Guelph, Ontario had a water problem in one of the rooms in the basement. The floor in the room was sinking, causing a 2-inch gap between the wall trim and the concrete...
Broken Sewage Line Vacates Home and Creates a Floor Void in Bowmanville, On...
Buying a home for your family is an exciting time, but that excitement can quickly turn to anxiety if you run into a problem that forces you out of your new home. A customer...
Pool Deck Safety in Bowmanville, ON
The challenge for this project for the customer was two-fold: preserve the appearance of their beautiful pool and fix the concrete deck. The concrete had started to lift and...
Concerned Grandparents Repair Backyard Patio in Oshawa, Ontario
Having grandchildren is an exciting time of your life. You do everything you can for them, and sometimes, that means repairing your backyard. A couple in Oshawa, Ontario,...
Tripping Hazards Leave Homeowner Worried in Brampton, Ontario
Water always finds the path of least resistance, so making sure it has an easy way to flow is essential. A customer in Brampton, Ontario, was tired of dealing with two tripping...
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