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Fixed Garage Crack, Richmond Hill, ON
A homeowner in Richmond Hill, Ontario had a large crack across their garage floor. The concrete had settled quite a bit creating a large crack and tripping hazard. There...
Leveled & Filled Void in Garage in King City, ON
A homeowner in King City realized a gaping hole was forming below the floor on the right side of their garage. 
Concrete slabs leveled for greenhouses
A successful, entrepreneurial educator and owner of a learning centre for children with special needs and Autism was working on a new project in Goodwood, ON. She was building...
Settling Front Steps Threaten Elderly Parents Safety in Newmarket, Ontario
Nothing is more important than family. It sounds cliché, but that’s probably because it’s true. We lean on our family for wisdom and friendship, and we...
Shifting Concrete Creates Tripping Hazards Around Pool in Creemore, Ontario
A pool is a fantastic asset to a home. They give us a place to relax and add value to our property. Whether it’s lounging around on the pool deck or going for a swim,...
Settling Soil Causes Backyard Patio to Sink in Cumberland Beach, Ontario
A customer in Cumberland Beach, Ontario, had a gorgeous flagstone back patio. Their backyard was the perfect place to entertain, with a relaxing patio set and beautiful garden,...
Sinking Foundation Puts Cottage Sale on Hold in Severn Bridge, Ontario
Ontario is home to many gorgeous areas. Whether it’s the acres of green forest north of Algonquin Park or the bustling wildlife of the south in Point Pelee, we’re...
Carlo Cattarello Arena
A 50' x 80' section of rink pad settled up to 4" at its worst. Maintenance workers had to use that much more water to make up the deflection incurring unwanted and higher...
Garage Concrete Slab Leveling in Stouffville, ON
The customer had concrete in their garage that was cracked and was not level, causing constant water pooling in the corner. They wanted to lift the concrete so the water from...
Patterned Pool Deck PolyLevel Lift, Markham, ON
A home in Markham, Ontario, had a patterned concrete pool deck that had been sinking down a little more each year. This was happening for several years and it was slopping...
Trench Breakers
Support a 300-metre stretch of natural gas pipeline that was being rehabilitated due to previous failure of the support system that was installed. The rehabilitation process...
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