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Brand-New Factory Floor Sinks in Scarborough, Ontario
Warehouses run like a well-oiled machine. There is equipment moving back and forth at all times – efficiency is a top priority. A builder in Scarborough, Ontario, called...
Sinking Step No Longer to Code in Toronto, Ontario
Building codes are something we all need to follow, and for a good reason. They ensure safety and consistency, so there are never any surprises. A customer in Toronto, Ontario,...
This Walkway Needs to Switch Around, Toronto, ON
In Toronto, Ontario, a home was experiencing a troublesome walkway causing tripping hazards and foundation exposure. The walkway had started to sink closest to the theme,...
Saving Christmas!
Oh, December. In the days leading up to Christmas, snow is coming down harder every day, and ice is starting to cover every surface. In Toronto, our client was experiencing...
A Pool On The Driveway?
Nothing better than soaking up in a lovely pool. Wait, this home in Toronto, Ontario, had a pool forming in the front driveway? The homeowners had a driveway sink at...
Help! I Can't Get Inside.
Stepping into your home is supposed to be easy. You walk in the doors or drive right into the garage with ease. Unfortunately, this home in Kitchener, Ontario, had a few hazardous...
Out of Water Experience
A pool deck in Kitchener, Ontario, started sinking on the outer edges, making water seep into the grass, and creating a gap between the pool and the concrete perimeter. The...
2 Inches of a Difference
Avoid tripping hazards early. Concrete does shift over the years, and it's best to stop it before it gets out of control. For example, our client in Kitchener, Ontario, had...
CCL Saving Basement Flooded Floor, Pickering ON
Challenge:   Our client in Pickering, Ontario, underwent some intense basement flooding. The water damaged all the flooring, and the floor started to sink. It was so...
Proximity to Lake Ontario Leads to Soil Washout in Pickering, Ontario
Improving the curb appeal of your home can take more than just some flowers and bushes. In some instances, it means bringing in professionals. A couple in Pickering, Ontario,...
Filling Voids In This Large Basement, Pickering ON
Problem: Redoing a home has its ups and downs. The positive is that the house will have a new look and feel, but the downside is setbacks. For example, when gutting the home...
Concrete Pool Deck Brought Back from Disrepair in Pickering, Ontario
There’s only so long you can put off a repair. It may not be causing any immediate issues, but certain things fall into a state of disrepair after a while. A customer...
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