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Sinking Pool Deck Threatens Backyard Oasis in Whitby, Ontario
When you invest thousands of dollars and many hours of hard work into something, you want it to be perfect.  In Whitby, Ontario, a customer called us after creating...
Fire Station Saved, Whitby ON
First responders have essential duties and are not necessarily worried about tripping on their property. For example, the Whitby, Ontario, fire station had sinking concrete...
Customer Deals with Sinking Front Steps in Whitby, Ontario
Sinking front steps are never a good look for a home. They can lead to injuries, make snow removal difficult, and don’t look very nice. In Whitby, Ontario, a customer...
Tripping Hazards on Patio Driveway Cause Snow Removal Woes in Thornhill, On...
It’s a truly Canadian experience, but not an enjoyable one. You’re pushing your shovel along the driveway, clearing off that day’s dumping of snow, when...
Backyard Reno on Hold Due to Sinking Concrete in Markham, Ontario
There are a ton of different styles you can spin in your backyard. Some like a more natural landscape, while others look for a useable patio space. A customer in Markham,...
Back Patio and Side Walkway Lift in Markham, ON
After heavy rains, this house in Markham, Ontario had water pooling on the concrete patio at the back of the house. There was also water flowing towards the foundation on...
Customer Losing Hope in Failing Pool Deck in Markham, Ontario
A pool is only as good as the deck surrounding it. Failing concrete can compromise the coping and liner surrounding the edge, and trip hazards make it an unsafe area. A customer...
Trip Hazard Removal Changes This Families Life in Markham, ON
Homeowner in Markham, ON, had a walkway that had sunk, causing a massive gap in the last step of her stairs. So bad, that her 97-year-old father had tripped on her walkway...
Concrete Front Patio Sinking in Unionville, Ontario
When something goes wrong with your home, it can be hard to know where to turn, especially when it’s an issue you’re unfamiliar with. A customer in Unionville,...
Corner in Woodbridge Ontario is Sinking Preventing Renovations
Having a big home can be a blessing and a curse. Unfortunately, this healthy-sized home in Woodbridge, Ontario, had a problem with its back patio. The corner had started settling,...
Sinking Patio Threatens Home's Foundation in Vaughan, Ontario
An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure is something that holds true with home renovations. A customer in Vaughan, Ontario, was growing tired of dealing with sinking...
Basement Rental Property Has Major Void Fills, Woodbridge ON
Challenge: It is crucial to capitalize on real estate if you have the opportunity. This pair of homeowners have been renting out their basement for twenty-plus years but...
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