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Popular Walkway with Hazardous Concrete, Mississauga, ON

The main walkway for an apartment in Mississauga, Ontario had many trip hazards from the front of the building to the roadway. Multiple concrete slabs were sinking. Many other slabs were affected by tree roots growing under the concrete. The owner of the building wanted to get the walkway repaired as quickly as possible as it was becoming a very serious safety risk for everyone.

The owner contacted Canadian Concrete Leveling and our Project Lead suggested our PolyLevel Injection System. Billy McKeown and our installation team injected polyurethane through dime-sized holes made in the concrete to fill the voids under the slabs. The walkways were successfully lifted, leveled and stabilized. 

The owner was very happy with how quickly and effectively our team was able to complete the job. All of the trip hazards were fixed along the walkway. 

Risk of Water Seepage from Sinking Garage Floor in Mississauga, Ontario

Everything in our home is connected, even if it doesn’t seem like it. What happens to our roof affects the yard, and what happens upstairs can have an impact downstairs. 

In Mississauga, Ontario, a couple noticed one corner of their garage floor was at a different height from the rest of the space. They were still able to use the parking area, but they were concerned about water seeping down to their foundation.

After seeing one of our bus shelter ads, the homeowners decided to give us a call and met with Project Manager Joe McColl. Joe explained why concrete fails, and showed them how our PolyLevel® System could correct it.

Foreman Bill McKeown started the repair by drilling dime-sized holes in the garage floor. He used these holes as injection ports for our high-density polyurethane, PolyLevel®. Once injected, the solution expands, lifting the concrete and compressing soils below. This process brings the floor back to an even grade while stabilizing the ground below. Once the repair was complete, Bill patched the holes with fresh concrete.

The couple is happy that their garage is repaired. They don’t need to worry about water seepage into their basement, and they were thrilled that the work only took a matter of hours.

Stabilizing Slab Holding Air Conditioning Unit, Mississauga, ON

A patio slab holding an air conditioning unit had been sinking over a long period of time at a home in Mississauga, ON. The soil around the home was fairly loose when the patio was poured causing the weight of the air conditioner and concrete to sink in quite a few areas. The homeowner was worried the lines to the air conditioning unit would begin to bend and eventually be damaged.

The customer called Canadian Concrete Leveling. Our Project Lead explained the process of our PolyLevel Injection System and how it could level the concrete. Billy McKeown, Foreman, injected polyurethane through dime-sized holes under the concrete to fill voids, lift and stabilize the slab. 

The customer was very happy that we fixed the patio slab quickly and effectively so they could get their air conditioning unit up and running again.




Sinking Pool Deck Hurts Child's Foot in Mississauga, Ontario

Enjoying your backyard pool with friends and family is fun, but only when the area is safe. 

In Mississauga, Ontario, a customer reached out to Canadian Concrete Leveling to deal with their sinking concrete pool deck. The customer enjoyed sharing the space with her friends and their kids, but sinking concrete made the deck hazardous. One child had even cut his toe on the raised edge. 

Project Manager Kyle O’Brien met with the client and inspected her backyard. Kye explained to her how our PolyLevel® System could lift the sinking slabs back to grade. She was happy to hear about our non-invasive solution, and a date was set for the repair. 

Foreman Kyle McKeown started by drilling dime-sized holes in the surface of the concrete. He injected our high-density polyurethane through these injection ports, where it expands beneath the concrete. This lifts the slab while compressing any loose soil below.

The customer is happy she was able to repair the concrete before it was too far gone. She’s excited to have company over again and can’t wait to tell them that the concrete is safe.

Sunken Stairs, Lifted with PolyLevel® in Mississauga, ON

What was once a drop, is now level. One of our Installation Foreman's, Kyle McKeown, installed PolyLevel® to raise and stabilize these stairs. Now, our clients no longer have a trip hazard in the back of their mind. 

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