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Concrete Levelling in Milton, Ontario

A couple in Milton, Ontario, had been dealing with sunken concrete for some time and had a few close calls of tripping over the broken slabs. If ever having guests over, they had to make sure they were aware of the concrete when entering the home, which caused them lots of stress as they did not want to be responsible for an injury that could have been avoided.


They called Canadian Concrete Leveling, where our team went in with our most standard and practical approach. First, they went in with our PolyLevel® polyurethane foam injection that is non-invasive as it is applicated through small, dime-sized holes drilled through the concrete. Once injected, it takes approximately 30 minutes to cure. Next, NexusPro® was applicated to seal the broken concrete slabs together. This strong bond is reliable against UV rays, and water infiltration is flexible and proven to last over 20 years.


The couple was thrilled at the finished look when the job was completed and felt a massive weight lifted off their shoulders thanks to our team at Canadian Concrete Leveling!

Concerned Couple in Milton, Ontario, Calls CCLto Fix Sinking Concrete


This front walkway had a significant crack that needed some TLC. The homeowners were very concerned for guests’ safety as they had to ensure they were aware of the gap to avoid injuries. With too many close calls, they contacted Canadian Concrete Leveling for help.


The team used our PolyLevel® injectable polyurethane that will lift and level the concrete back to its original elevation. This is also a non-invasive approach as it is injected through small, drilled holes that are later filled. Then, NexusPro® was used to seal the cracked slabs. This is an excellent approach to sealing off your concrete as it is highly flexible, durable against all weather conditions and is proven to last over 20 years!


Does your driveway, walkway or patio have cracked or sinking concrete? Call Canadian Concrete Leveling today for a FREE quote!


Levelling Large Driveway Slab | Milton, Ontario

Make your home safe, inside and out. For example, this home in Milton, Ontario, had a driveway composed of 4 large concrete slabs. One of the four slabs started sinking, making a significant tripping hazard for people, a bump for cars driving in the driveway, and an area for pooling or ice to build up. The slab must be fixed before things get worse.


Canadian Concrete Leveling was called, and Danny Dos Santos, our Project Manager, arrived to the home. Installation Specialist, Bill McKeown, arrived on a later day to inject the slab with our PolyLevel®. The injections will permanently lift the concrete and keep it at the same height. Bill performed the work with ease and left the homeowners happy that they do not have to worry about the driveway and its hazards anymore.


Sinking Concrete Walkway Puts Family at Risk in Mississauga, Ontario

It’s a fact that kids love playtime. Not only is it a time to make friends and memories, but it’s good for them too. What isn’t good is dealing with multiple tripping hazards standing between your home and your child’s playground. 

A customer in Mississauga, Ontario, noticed the patio next to his house had started to slope towards the foundation, and several tripping hazards had formed when the concrete shifted. He was concerned about his six-year-old daughter using the walkway to access the backyard without tripping, and he wanted to keep water away from his home. Wanting to ensure his family’s safety, he reached out to Canadian Concrete Leveling. 

Project Manager CJ Sharp met with the customer to inspect his walkway. While talking with the concerned parent, CJ recommended the best solution for this problem. Once a production date was scheduled for the repair, Foreman Kyle McKeown worked hard using our PolyLevel® Injection System to lift and level the patio. Kyle also fixed additional tripping hazards along with the customer’s driveway. 

The customer was amazed that he could see immediate results. He loves the way his walkway and driveway look now and is thrilled that his family is safe.

Avoiding a Potential Accident in Mississauga, Ontario.

With the weather quickly becoming cold and wet, tripping hazards on your property immediately become a whole other beast. One wrong step can be the difference between life and death, and nobody wants to be responsible for that. In Mississauga, Ontario, this homeowner was sick of worrying about who would be the potential next victim of their uneven front entrance walkway and reached out to Canadian Concrete Leveling for relief.

Clarke Basement Systems foreman Bill McKeown used a simple combination of two unique technologies to solve the issue with professionalism and patience. PolyLevel® was applied first to bring the large concrete slabs back to level. Then the installation team used NexusPro® to seal the concrete slabs back together. This seal prevents future damage and shifting of the slabs by preventing water from seeping down into the cracks. Over time, this water will create not only produce hydrostatic pressure, but Frost Heave will then become an issue. The water underneath the slabs will freeze, crack and thus shift, which is a common culprit of uneven walkways.  Please don’t wait until Grandma breaks her hip. Come to Canadian Concrete Leveling for a quote today.

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