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Neighborhood Recommendation Leads to Level Concrete in Mississauga, Ontario

Sometimes, it can take a little bit of inspiration to get started on a renovation. Maybe it’s the new addition you saw down the road, or your neighbors could have put in a new pool. Whatever it is, you realize it’s your turn next.

In Mississauga, Ontario, a customer reached out to Canadian Concrete Leveling after seeing our system in action at his neighbor’s house. He had his own sinking concrete at the corner of his driveway and backyard patio.

Project Manager Paul Mendell met with the homeowner and inspected the property. The customer already saw how our system worked, but Paul walked him through the process again.

Foreman Bill McKeown used our PolyLevel® System to inject high-density polyurethane beneath the concrete slabs. Once the slabs were back to grade, Bill patched the injection holes and informed the customer that we had repaired his concrete.

The homeowner is thrilled with the work done by the CCL team. He’s happy he lucked out and was home when his neighbors had their concrete repaired and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend CCL to friends and family.

Sinking Walkway Cracks Concrete in Mississauga, Ontario

When concrete deals with pressure, it typically cracks. This can happen for a number of reasons, but a common one is when the concrete sinks.

In Mississauga, Ontario, a customer was tired of dealing with cracked and uneven concrete outside of her home. The problem was getting worse each year, so she decided to call Canadian Concrete Leveling.

Project Manager Joe McColl met with the homeowner and inspected her walkway. Joe showed her our solution, and she was happy to hear ripping out the concrete wasn’t involved.

Foreman Kyle McKeown used our PolyLevel® system to lift and level the concrete. A high-density polyurethane was injected beneath the slab, compressing the fill soils while lifting the concrete. This process can be installed in a matter of hours and takes only 15 minutes to cure.

With her concrete repaired and tripping hazards removed, the homeowner is very happy. She is pleased with the work done and loves how efficient and thorough Bill was with his work.

Settled Concrete in Mississauga, ON

Why does concrete settle? It can happen from poor soil conditions. As the concrete compresses against the ground, it loosens the soil and over time the weight of the concrete forces it to settle. To permanently fix this issue our team at Canadian Concrete Leveling uses Polyurethane that compacts and compresses the loose soil under the slab and lifts, levels and stabilizes the concrete. This is how we solved our customer’s sidewalk repair in Mississauga, Ontario.

Trip Hazard Caused by Sinking Stairs in Mississauga, ON

Our client was worried about their home being a trip hazard for their family and friends. Their stairs were sinking, which caused a gap in between the steps. 

When they decided to have this trip hazard removed, they called Canadian Concrete Leveling for their free estimate. 

Project Manager, Joe McColl, inspected the area and concluded that a PolyLevel® Installation would be needed to remove the trip hazard on the stairs. 

Once we had a plan, Kyle McKeown and his crew got to work! They installed PolyLevel® to raise and level the steps. 

Now, the homeowners no longer have to worry about the trip hazard and can have their friends and family over all the time. 

Sinking Step Creates an Icy Pool in Mississauga, Ontario

Winter is a hazardous time for many of us. Icy roads and walkways, snow falling off of roofs, and freezing temperatures – all of these conditions can be risky, so we do what we can to keep things safe. 

A customer in Mississauga, Ontario, was dealing with a sinking front step. The concrete had settled significantly, leading to an impression in the ground where water was pooling. The client was tired of slipping on the frozen pool each winter, so he decided to reach out to Canadian Concrete Leveling. 

Project Manager Joe McColl met with the customer and inspected his front walkway. Joe determined that a gap beneath the concrete caused the slab to sink. Joe explained to the customer how voids form and how our PolyLevel® System can fill them. PolyLevel® is a mixture of polymers that expands beneath the concrete. As the polyurethane expands, it lifts the slab while filling any cavities beneath the concrete.

Project Manager Bill McKeown started the repair by drilling dime-sized holes in the concrete surface. He used these holes to inject our high-density polyurethane. Once the slab was lifted, Bill sealed the seam with our NexusPro® Sealant System. NexusPro® provides a UV-resistant, watertight seal that keeps water out for years to come. 

The customer is very happy with the job done by the entire Canadian Concrete Leveling team. He appreciates how upfront and honest Joe was and Bill’s timeliness and hard work.

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